Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've never been to South Beach before and I have to admit I never really set a foot in it.   I did ride through it taking picture after picture of the wonderful ART DECO buildings. 
The strip street across from the beach was packed wall to wall with college age kids on spring break.
Another good reason to stay on the top of the tour bus.
This picture of Johnny Rocket building is for those movie fans that can remember a CHAIN SAW SCENE that was held on the top floor. The people came screaming out of the building across the street to the beach?  Jogging any memories here? Apparently, the film crew didn't really TELL the people in the building what they were doing and the word spread that somebody had a CHAIN SAW and that just caused a panic.  The police were not amused.
Honestly, I was hard pressed to pick a favorite building. I love Art Deco and these are are gorgeous buildings and protected by the historical society.
If you want to see more of South Beach you can pop over to this album:

So, those of you in the cold and snow, enjoy a little sunshine and color through me. It's all pastels down here and lots of green and blue and according to the locals, COLD. lololsnort, COLD? give me a break.


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