Sunday, March 10, 2013

Second star to the right, please.

I grew up with Disney. It was magical. I can remember how excited I got on Sunday night's when the Disney Show came on. I had my bath, I was in my jammies and sitting cross legged on the floor ready to be spellbound.

Remember this family?  I was five years old when I saw them in the theater for the first time.
Since we usually have Riley Friday night and all day Saturday we either have game night or movie night.
This Friday was movie night and after a bath and putting on her favorite Santa pj's (yes, the ones she wore to the UW Basketball game) we settled in, with popcorn to watch the new remade DVD of Peter Pan.

I don't think she took her eyes off the screen. Even with the falsetto style singing, in some of the songs, she took in every detail. 

Ah, yes, a time period when parents could go off to the theater and leave their children home alone.
A time period when if you couldn't afford servants you bought a large dog and enlisted it as a full time nanny and nursemaid of the nursery.

I didn't realize the Mermaids, in Mermaid Lagoon sounded like Las Vegas hookers, or how racist the Indian scenes were.  

I'm sure when my children were young I did not let them watch the movie because I was so politically correct.  How dare they portray Native Americans in that way?

But, now I'm a grandmother. I see magic in these movies.  I see that my almost four year old granddaughter doesn't see what grownups might see.  She sees fairy dust that when sprinkled you can fly.  She sees magic. She see silly with a crocodile has a clock inside him.

And, yes, if we watch this when she is older I will have to point out those grown up objections of old stereotypes.

For now, I want her to take Grandpa's hand and mine and let's fly to the second star to the right.
We'll find Hangman's Tree in Neverland and play with the lost children (because I'm sure by now there are little girls there too).


"The fates lead him who will-
 him who won't, they drag." 


  1. You are creating such sweet heart memories for this beautiful little girl. Zeus looks very satisfied also. Enjoy your weekend! Spring is coming! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Mary Helen is right. You are building unbelieveably beautiful memories...and I love that Zeus is still a kid!

  3. Oh--and by the way, I have a fabulous animated library. I used the very loose excuse of buying them for my boys, but I have watched them even when they weren't around and still do....right along with the one of my Disney live action favorite's "Pollyanna." Magic is more than fantasy, it is part of living and surviving.