Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Just creepy,

Riley and Grandpa made this snowperson this past weekend. Why they always decide to face their masterpieces towards the windows I don't understand.  
Yesterday it snowed and snowed and well that's nothing new around here but every time I walked into the front room I had this CREEPY snowperson staring in at me.
The "glowing" orange eyes and trust me, through a snowstorm those tangerines glowed, the sponge mouth, which looks like he/she ate something that didn't agree with them and the celery nose which now has an icicle hanging from it. Could that actually be Snowperson Snot?
Most people in Wisconsin and Minnesota are now officially in their winter state of denial. It snows here and there. We stop looking at the snow. It's now a "winterland" joke. We mentally tune out our surroundings. This is also where some of us start to eat more carbs, thinking it will make us feel happier that we live in the north. Some resort to larger quantities of beer. Football is over, Basketball is almost over....... 
I suggest, TV LAND that this is not the best time to end a series. Please don't put on new ones. We are barely making it here. We have hunkered down and all we want is our old favorites while we munch carbs. We don't want to see repeats. We don't want to have to get to know new characters, new plots.
We don't really want to think.
I forced some bulbs about two weeks ago. They bloomed but very little fragrance. Reminds me of what they have done to peaches, no fuzz. The whole point of forcing bulbs, especially early spring ones is the color and smell. They go hand in hand. Well, not this year. If I want the smell I had to practically stick my nose in the flower. 
Next week for Florida for a week. It can't come soon enough. I understand Florida has been having unseasonably cold weather for them. Fifty degrees is just fine. I'll take warmer but trust me, I can wear shorts in fifty degrees.
As I type I glance out the window. It's still there.
It's still creepy.

I think it's getting closer to the window?

This is not good.

:( Bea


  1. Like something out of a Dr. Who episode...a moving snowman with orange eyes! too funny! Enjoy the sunshine of is so lovely there, the colors of the beach and water and sky. We are feeling that similar cabin fever in Ohio, and it's not nearly as cold and snowy here. I think it's lack of sunshine! Always enjoy your humor and photos when I visit. Have a great vacation!

  2. I just started laughing out loud..these two are quite mischievious spelling eludes me right at the moment. I worked very late last night and it is evident this morning! We got a beautiful snow last evening...the children are all out building snow people! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Zeus has a dark side. Those orange eyes are proof. Walk to the light, John. Walk to the light.