Friday, March 29, 2013

I WISH, I WISH..................................

I can wish these were mine. I wish, I wish but sadly mine are up all of two inches, in my garden. We have a long way to go before we even see these beautiful yellow beauties.
The snow is slooooooooooowly melting on my front deck. It's still lumpy ice chunks and the base of the deconstructed snowperson.

BUT, I was outside with the grandkids while they were shooting hoops and suddenly we heard this unique honking and looked up to see 10 beautiful white cranes flying above us.  They turned in circles, zoomed overhead, wings outstretched then turned again barely visible in the sky.

A Cedar Wax Wing sat in the walnut tree and watched the kids play basketball. There is bird song all around. They know spring is around the corner.  I have to trust them.  I'm still seeing so much white on the ground that I have trouble believing.

My sinus infection that arrived with my flight home from Florida, worked it's magic and by Saturday I sounded so terrible my art buddies would have preferred that I just not talk.
I gave it until yesterday. I was sure I was on the mend.  I am always amazed at how well we can talk ourselves into all sorts of things.

It was a coughing fit in the aisle of Miller's Market that sent the stock boys/men scurrying away that suggested to me that maybe I should finally see a doctor.

During the drive over to Urgent Care I reflected that it was the stock boys/men at Miller's Market that had sneezed all over me, way back at Thanksgiving and started me off on this winter of colds.

Forty-five minutes later waiting in a small waiting room with six other people wearing a face mask and coughing I saw the doctor.

Tall, white haired, an accent from somewhere in India she entered the room announcing to me that I certainly did look sick. She offered to do a little bollywood dance for me to help me get well. I suggested something more in the line of drugs.

I'm going to go sit in a chair, in the front room and soak up the sun. I'm tired of being sick. I'm tired of feeling like slug. I don't do sick well.

Justin and family are here for Easter and getting a lot of use out of the basketball court. Hunter is teaching Hayden some terminology and moves so that she can impress her new boyfriend, Ethan.

She proudly showed me a picture of them, on her phone. He looks like a very sweet young man. 

Riley went to bed here, last night and woke up all excited. She met me in the hallway and whispered, "Grammy, the cousins are here"!  As if somehow they had magically appear in her bedroom. She's been a trooper, following Sawyer around. She only cried for a short time, when moving around under the basket, during a game, a basketball bounced on her head.

She and Grandpa went in to the bedroom to read a book and take her nap.  Sawyer followed "just to hear the story" and when I noticed that it was really quiet in the room I peeked in to see Grandpa, Riley and Sawyer all sound asleep. A little fresh air and a couple of basketball games and maybe a little Subway will do that.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.  



  1. Hope you are well. My DH has been sick for 3 weeks, and he is never sick. He doesn't do sick very good either. I do think he is better today. Thank goodness.
    Have a wonderful Easter with the family.

  2. TAke care and get rid of the cold. Read for a couple days and stay away from germy people. Maybe a little brandy hot toddy!