Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I posted the gorgeous picture from Greece first because we took that trip together.

I'm afraid the rest of my pictures tend to be of us, engaged in food related activities.
We are the road trip girls. Get us together, put us in a car, maybe give us a destination, maybe not and we'll find food. Ok, we find other things of beauty and interest but we do find food.

I remember us once, driving around, windows down and sniffing barbecue. Like Pooh Bear we followed our noses and found someone cooking a barbecue lunch, in a parking lot. We, of course, stopped and had a fantastic meal.

I remember a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant where we had a long and lively discussion about the possible plays we would write a play. Our waiter, an actor, in his other life, hovered nearby, probably hoping that we really were playwrights and would cast him.

We didn't meet over food. 
We met in a casting line for Uncommon Women. Couldn't have come up with a better play for us. We bonded immediately. 

We visited a psychic together and heard how we were once brother in arms in the Civil War. Real brothers in arms.

We watched a barefoot bride and her party get married under a waterfall, in a cave.

I've read her poetry.  She's read my stories. I've encouraged her to do what she has to do in life and she's encouraged me in my art.

We are truthful with each other but the friendship runs so deep that we would never feel the need to be truthful to the point of hurting one another. 

When we shop we head for different color selections.  I know that if I buy her something in olive green she will love it even as I am gaging over the color.

We share so many similar interests there is never a dull moment.

When she takes me to a giant food warehouse and walks away while I'm taking pictures of fruit. I know that if I just stand still she'll come back to find me.

She's Auntie to my kids and their children.

She's my buddy.

Happy Birthday dear Donna, Happy Birthday to you!!!


  1. What a wonderful heart memory...Donna sounds like such a sweet and glorious friend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Made me misty--although the pictures of me ... well you're a wonderful photographer. Make me look beautiful! Thank you for a million memories and a succinct but lovely summary that really sums it up wonderfully! lOve you