Saturday, March 09, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do that!

Just for the record, down the road when Riley graduates from Medical School, we can all say, WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!

Since the girl could talk she has told us she is going to be a doctor. A baby doctor. This Christmas she received a doctor bag for house calls and a Medical Staff coat with additional equipment.

She now is seeing patients in her alternate bedroom/office at GrammyBea's and Grandpa's house. 

When she got a Pez dispenser from GrammyBea she turned it into a VITAMIN dispenser for patients.
We're going for a Holistic approach to medicine here. Using her Etch-a-sketch she writes up a program for her patients, for Dora it was, MORE PLAYTIME ON THE PLAYGROUND.

PoohBear is fine, just in for a yearly checkup, Murphy doesn't want an appointment he says he see a different kind of doctor.
Sometimes the problem isn't with the kids you have to check out the big people too. Here, Grandpa thinks he has a vitamin deficiency. After studying the situation, Dr. Riley decided that he didn't need a Pez vitamin. I mean you can't waste candy, ahummmmm "vitamins" on people that are healthy.
And, some patients need more work/surgery than one baby doctor can give them. Grandpa says the snowperson needs a change of personality.

The last I saw was Grandpa and Dr. Riley whispering as the took something downstairs "to cut up" and use on the snowperson. When queried by Grammybea they said, in unison, "Nothing to see here, nothing going on".

I need another cup of coffee.

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  1. She is such a dear little spirit! She makes my heart smile and that is very healing! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart