Thursday, March 07, 2013

Do not wrap your old fish with this.

What a great article Rob Kitson wrote about the 3150 Studio Artists.  Although he kept referring to us as the Studio 3150 Artists, maybe he thought that had a better ring?
Last week I rushed to the market to see the new issue of the local paper only to find just an announcement of the opening of the show. 

So sad.  I thought we had been over looked for the new yoga business. 

Almost a full page article in our little fish wrapper.

I'm pleased. 

Some of you that follow me on Facebook may have noticed a notice about my new website. I joined Fine Art America. I'm still in the process of uploading photos of my work.  I've started with my photography because I never really had a safe place to put it for viewing.  I was going to learn how to create a watermark for my photos after learning that someone had "borrowed" one of my photos for their own projects. Now I don't have to, FAA does everything for the artists. And, I get to keep my original art work, which makes my family happy and if a print sells I get my asking price. Happy camper all around.

By this time in winter it's unusual to see a paper wasp nest still around.  They are pretty sturdy but they usually get destroyed by the weather by March.
I saw this one on my main road. I had the sunroof open and was looking for Red Tailed Hawks.
The mate and start nesting in March so I always have my eye out for them.

I did HEAR and it stopped me in my tracks in a parking lot, CRANES!!!!!!  Now, nothing can make me smile more than hearing their unique musical honk. A woman asked me what I was looking for as we stood together, in the parking lot, "Cranes", I replied. She just shook her head and walked away.

Obviously NOT a person in need of signs of spring.

I was taking the back road to the sewing store when I saw this group taking a walk. I've been on the look out for at least one of them after seeing a large white goose and an old shaggy dog, walking down the side of a busy road, together.  I knew they had to come from the farm nearby. Never saw them again and really for all the times I go by that farm I haven't seen any geese either. 

So, this Geese On Walk About just made me smile BIG TIME.

It's easier when the sun is shinning, the sky is bright blue and the snow is melting for my spirits to SOAR. The rodent didn't lie to me, SPRING REALLY IS COMING.

I'm taking a break from art work to sew up some summer dresses for Riley.  I had the patterns and the material for a couple of months now and I really was looking for a break in activity to work on them.

The Studio 3150 Artists (hmmm, not sure if I like that better or not) will be finishing up their bookstudy tomorrow and working on some of the end of the chapter exercises.

Then we have a break while I go off to Florida and visit with my 87 year old mother and relax a little with Zeus.

When I return the group is having it's FIRST EVER, retreat at my house. We'll be working on some new projects, techniques, spending some quality time together and having fun.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I'm going back over to the studio to work on a ice cream cone decorated sundress. Love sewing these bright colors!


"Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
 Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them...and they flew."
Guillaume Apollinaire


  1. You are now FAMOUS Bea!!!!!!! I love the parade and the quote from Apollinaire...he was quite dashing! Enjoy the shining moment in the Light! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Well, am I going to be able to actually post a comment on your blog this time. I will cross my fingers. I so enjoy your posts Bea, but have not been able to post for the longest time. I'm trying something here goes.....

  3. Well done and congratulations to you all! Great show!