Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little blown glass for you.

Ok, visited my mother in Largo, then we tooled over to St. Petersburg to visit the Chihuley museum again.
I can't get enough of this gorgeous, other worldly glass he makes.
It's not a big museum but the work inside is breathtaking.
They do provide benches against the wall so you an just sit and take it the entire piece. The parts to the piece were not given names, or at least we don't know the names. He wanted us to name them. It's just magical to me.
This is still my favorite exhibit. That's a regular size wooden rowboat. Those balls on the outside are HUGE. I have watched enough PBS shows about how they are blown but they still amaze me, they are so big.
You walk through a narrow hallway and all this gorgeous glass is above you on a plate of glass. I think I could walk back and forth under that for hours. 
This neon piece is just gorgeous.  It's in a little room all by it's self. 
Last year they said no photos. I guess they gave up trying to stop people from holding up their camera's and taking pictures.
Now, off to Palm Island..................... see you later.


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  1. Well it looks like I may get to leave a comment, as for reasons unknown, most of the time I don't succeed. ANYWAY, I do still read your posts and enjoy them. I went to a Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum last year and I loved it. All his glass was outside, including the rowboat full of glass. Huge pieces and all just gorgeous. The weather was beautiful with the sun making the glass glow.