Saturday, March 23, 2013

3150 Studio Artists Retreat

It was certainly a success. Good food provided by all the attendees, good companionship, enthusiastic work on new techniques learned. All in all, it got a great round of applause.
On Friday we worked on carving stamps out of a softer material than the old linoleum blocks. When printed the craved piece looked like an old wood block. When printed on fabric it has a beautiful old world look to it.
Today, after lunch we had fun with alcohol inks and Yupo paper.  I also had some large sheets of photo glossy paper. We all agreed that the inks seemed to spread in a more interesting way on the Yupo paper.
So what do you do with these gorgeous papers? Well, you certainly could frame them without doing anything further but if you scan them into your computer you can print them on fabric, you can make color copies and use them in collage work, you can create postcards with them and well, come on, they are just really cool, you'll find something to do with them.

I have to say we had to open the windows of the studio because we were working with spraying 90% proof alcohol on the paper and then on the inks and it got a little heady up in the studio.

I certainly look forward to our next gathering, just to see if anybody has done anything interesting with these pieces



  1. These are gorgeous! The colors are fabulous! Where are the block prints? Please post some. Dying to see -- especially on the fabric. You go, Girls!


  2. I am in love with your luscious bright colors...I wish I could have been there! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart