Monday, February 04, 2013

White February

You know how it rains at night in the tropics? Every morning you wake up to lush, wet growth. Well, up here in Wisconsin, in winter you wake up to a new layer of white. Just enough to have to shovel or plow it because if you don't and walk on it or drive on it you'll have ruts the next day. 

The sun is out so we've got that going for us. We've got a fresh layer of white on top of everything to clean it up. Yup, we got it going for us.

Remember our Sat. trip to the tropical gardens of Olbrich?  And, how we went to lunch at the mall? Well, somewhere during that day, despite my efforts to try to keep my hands clean and away from my face I picked up ANOTHER sinus infection. I haven't been this irritatingly sick for a long time. It's been one thing or another since Thanksgiving. 

Everywhere I go I hear people coughing, wheezing, sneezing or gasping for air because they are trying to eat and can't breath through their noses. We are supposed to be hardy people up here, what's the story?

Zeus cleared a path to the studio for me this morning.  I watched him from the kitchen window and thought to myself, what a lucky person I am to have such a thoughtful mate. So, I made him a hot breakfast for his efforts. Normally, it's each to their own for breakfast around here.

Riley has soccer practice tonight. Remember this is a bunch of three and four year olds running around an indoor soccer field. Zeus said his last words to her last time were, "Please do not pull your soccer shirt over your head".
Her first words when she came off to field, to him were, "Grandpa, I didn't pull my shirt over my head!"
So much for learning soccer skills.

The upside for me is that they call me when they are ready to leave the facility and I get to meet them for dinner. 

I got the primer coat on the second bunkbed. I consider that quite a feat. Now, just two coats of white and we will be done. I really like jobs that have an ending to them. Not like the usual household jobs that have to be redone, week after week, like cleaning a bathroom.

I'm going to turn on my waterfall now and my Spring birdsong CD and then maybe go have some Mexican food for dinner.  I can pretend I'm somewhere else.


" the springs return- regardless of time or man - so is HOPE! Sometimes but a tiny bud that has to push up through the hard shell of circumstance to reach the light of accomplishment.  Do not give up HOPE!"
Dorothy Miller Cole

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  1. Atta, Girl! You make that imagination work for you.


    PS We got two inches here. The neighbor boy and his shovel have become my new best friends.