Saturday, February 09, 2013

We feel for you in the Northeast.

New England, New York and all the other northeast states that are getting hammered with this huge blizzard. We have the t-shirts, so we know what you are going through. Throw a chicken in the oven, sit back and wait for it to end. Then grab a shovel and do a little work, then build a snowman. PLAY with this white stuff because if you don't it can turn you sour. You will attack it with vigor and find it can make your body so sore that you think you have been in a street fight. Enjoy your home. And, if you absolutely HAVE TO BE ON THE ROADS that please drive carefully. You may know what you are doing on the roads in bad weather but the people out there also driving may not.

As many of you know I live in a not so small town outside of Madison. It's still divided into the City of Verona and the Town of Verona. They have tried to come together but haven't been able to play nicely with each other. With the Epic campus now part of Verona and the projected number of employees at 8000 in three years, Verona is growing. Planners say that Epic is being modest and that growth will be up there at 10,000. 

10,000 souls driving into Verona and out of Verona and hardly even making a ripple in the heart of the City. And, that for me is a good thing, because right now I can read the police report in the local weekly paper and have a chuckle. I'm not sure I would be smiling at the police reports from Madison or Milwaukee.

For example, on January 7th our local police confronted a juvenile carrying a large icicle down Main Street. The juvenile told the police that the icicle was a prop for the school snowman. The police took his icicle away and gave him a lecture about the dangers of standing below large, hanging icicles and that an icicle could be used as a weapon.
I mean, really, didn't you find yourself snickering to yourself when you read that? And, how many of us yanked off a large icicle when we were kids? 

Now, I see them as a thing of beauty and try to get the best light to photograph them but I'm still just as fascinated with them as that kid.

 I'm just curious what "prop" he was planning to use the icicle for when he added it to the snowman.

On January 9th around 2:14 in the afternoon the Verona Police were called to assist an opossum that got stuck in a window well. They removed him/her with a pole, into a trashcan and then set it free in the nearby park.

In December the police were called to a residence, around dinner time to break up a loud, noisy fight between roommates. The disagreement between them centered around unpaid rent. The police took one of the roommates over to a relatives house and counseled him on making better living arrangements.

I'm not sure we pay our police people enough. 

Try not to let the snow get to you. Remember that this too shall pass. Pretty soon those baskets of hers will be filled with orange slices for the Baltimore Orioles.

And, if you are finding yourself bored, a word I told my children didn't exist, do not call the Humane Society and tell them that there are three geese with their feet frozen in the Silent Street pond. It will just make the police come out to check and then they look really silly when the geese walk away. 

:)Bea Who lives where the woman ARE strong, the men hard working and the children curious.


  1. Yeah, what "prop" was my question too. Praying for heat so the easterners can claim the joys of a snow day. Lucci

  2. I understand this blog...and I have tried to post a comment on the next two posts...but I do understand how awful shingles can be....Rest...nap...sleep...and pray that soon it will be over. I am sending you Love. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart