Wednesday, February 06, 2013

To Not Pass Go, Get Thee to Bed and Rest

The rash appeared out of nowhere. I tried to remember what I had been doing on Saturday. Let's see, the botanical gardens, just sat on a bench, didn't take off my shirt, didn't back into any plants........lunch at the mall, couldn't have eaten anything that I was allergic to there. So, what's the deal with the rash on my lower back?
Couple that with this annoying pain on the right side of my stomach and by this morning I had it.
I stopped in at the Urgent Care and the doctor took one look at my back, waggled his finger in the air and said, "YOU have shingles."
I waggled my finger back at him and said, "Can't have, I had the shot."

Well, you can guess who lost that go around. The shot, apparently, will help you get a "milder" case, if you are going to get SHINGLES.

Singles lies dormant in your nervous system after you have had Chickenpox, as a child. And, then it waits until you get old and for no known reason that anybody can come up with, it rears up and acts out.

So, listen up people, if you are over 60 an ESPECIALLY OVER 65, if you have an unexplained pain and rash do NOT WAIT to go see the doctor. It's easier to treat within a 72 hour period. You can cut short the duration of it if you get treatment in that period of time. ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU OVER 65
if you get neck pain, shoulder pain, face pain and A RASH, get to the doctor, PRONTO because that's the most serious form of Shingles and can effects that can last the rest of your lifetime.

The doctor was unimpressed with the flower I drew on my stomach, where I was feeling the pain. I thought it would help them isolate the problem. Not having a clue where my appendix or gall bladder was. The doctor said the pain would increase in area until the shingles were done. Guess I better draw a whole bunch of flowers. 

I remember how my other doctor pushed me to get the Shingles shot. How all the ads touted how we should be getting the shot. I honestly thought I had a "Get out of jail" card with that shot.  I don't remember one person saying, "Oh, get the shot and then when you GET SHINGLES you will only get a mild case." I guess they thought we didn't need to know that part.

Who is taking her medication which for a week will give her flu like symptoms to go along with her shingles. What fun.


  1. Arrgghhhh! I'm sorry to hear about your shingles. I am not a fan of getting shots but you could make a believer of me.

  2. Oh dear Bea, you poor thing, I know how awful Shingles can be. I hope you don't suffer too badly. We don't have shots for Shingles in this country. I had it when I was a child, which was considered unusual. It didn't hurt as I remember, just itched.

  3. OMG--What a drag! Is it really painful? How long are they saying it will last? Get well soon and I will look for some distraction to send your way. Hang in there.

  4. I have been there...I am so sorry. Please do everything the doctors ask of you. I wish you health and peace. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart