Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time for some frivolity.


In case you don't know our Louis he loves ham, bacon and anything else that comes from a pig.
He is apparently, not happy with us these days.

Yes, her Grandpa did dress her in her Santa pjs and put her Bucky Badger hat on her, to take her to the UW Badgers basketball game against Michigan, with him. A game which went into overtime and we beat Michigan. She just could be the lucky charm!

It is possible to listen to the FIRETRUCK SONG one too many times on the laptop.

It's raining here now. The wind has switched from the South and my front windows are covered with icy rain. Nice and easy way to get the winter grime off of the glass. Now, if I could get through the three foot drifting out in front I could squeegee them clean. Trust me, that isn't going to happen.

I've been taking my required naps today. One more day on this medicine and then I can forgo the three hour nap in the morning and the two hour one in the afternoon. I am quite well rested and I suppose there is a reason that the antiviral medicine does this but I have lost a lot of time to sleeping. I continue to see new little shingles popping up on my right side. I've found that taking pain reliever helps tame the painful nerve endings or at least my awareness of them. 

I repeat, to those of you over 60, if you haven't gotten your Shingles Shot get yourself to your doctor and get it. IF, what I have is considered mild because I had the shot, trust me, PLEASE, you do not want a "normal" case of Shingles. 

I shall return to slug mode. I see that Zeus and Murphy are taking a nap. Zeus played tennis this morning so that explains his nap..........Murphy took naps with me so what's up with him? Anyway, the bed is warm and I'll just go crawl in with them. The dishes can wait...............yawn.


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