Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Shadows, fairy dust flying and a hook!

I have always been fascinated with shadows. Give me a camera and I can guarantee that I will have a file folder on my computer with shadow pictures. 
I think sometimes they are even more beautiful than their real counterpart.

This week, I think I saw, the remade DVD for Peter Pan is being released. It's a given that I am picking that up. I think if I had grown up with DVDs and the ability to watch a movie over and over, this would have been one of them.

When Hayden was little it was Monster's Ink. I'm not sure which of the little boys watched Nemo over and over and Riley still can't get enough of Despicable Me. I don't know if it's the familiarity of the same movie over and over or if at their young ages there is something that really catches their attention.

I know that I saw Peter Pan in a movie theater, when I was five. I know I was spellbound. It had everything, a dog as a Nanny, magic, fairydust, flying, farway lands, so much more and of course a character that wouldn't grow up.

I'll be picking up my own copy, watching it with Riley this weekend. She's a little young but I've noticed she's an avid movie watcher. She seems fascinated with the process. Brave was on her top ten list and at last discussion, over a corn dog at Culver's she said she loves Monsters and Aliens.

:)Bea, who may or may not decide to keep her feet on the ground, today.


  1. Redford once said he grew up with stories as a way to teach morality and he wanted to tell stories that were uplifting. For me, they are not only a beautiful escape, but a place that inspires me to try, to hope, to soften, and to laugh. A good shot of "dust yourself off and get on that horse." I believe if I can imagine it, it can become reality. Einstein said imagination was more important than knowledge. To some it seems like idle entertainment. To others, a place to energize so you can try again.

    I've watched a number of movies over and over. Some are seasonal favorites almost rituals--old friends really. They make me laugh, cry, and get out there and put myself out on the line again. They are wonderful! Clap your hands three times, real fast!

  2. PS Great photos again!