Monday, February 18, 2013

Moving on up in the rankings!

In a sea of red and white they stood out. I mean just look at those smiles. It may have been the result of a fantastic game by the UW Wisconsin basketball team against Ohio or it may have been the Ice Cream Dots that they consumed. We will never really know.

After last week's game where grandpa took Riley in her red and white Santa pj's, Grammy upped the game by finding a UW cheerleader's outfit in the sale rack at Farm and Fleet. I figure for the price it was a bargain. 

They had their usual treats, popcorn and lemonade at the game and then Grandpa splurged and bought the ice cream dots. He said that occupied them for a half hour, at least.

It was a great game.  I got to watch the tape later that evening. The announcers can no longer go on and on about our slow, plodding pace. Ohio never came close to us in points. I saw UW players making shots that were amazing. And, I have to say I enjoyed watching it from the comfort of my recliner, with a dog on my lap.

After dropping off a tired and slightly wired 3 1/2 year old, Zeus decided that it was such a great day we should top it off with a drive to Mineral Point for dinner. We probably should do ourselves a favor and actually write down the times the restaurant that we like there, is open. 

It was closed. 

So, while driving back home we decided to stop in Mt. Horeb, the home of the Trolls and have dinner at the Grumpy Troll. Zeus had never been there. I have a number of times, once with my Internet buddies that came for Quilt Camp.

It was so busy that we had to wait for a table. The only one that I could see open was a little twofer, over by the kitchen door. NOT, where I wanted to sit.
Maybe it really was Zeus' winning smile but the hostess actually had a booth cleaned, for us. I rambled over to the booth sat down and wondered what happened to Zeus. 
He finally showed up telling me he was thanking the hostess for not putting us at that table.

I tell you all of this because this little flirting thing moved into another stage. Our little waitperson was only 18 and said she didn't have a clue about the beer that the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub made. She said she would send over something who could.

Well, well, well, here comes the cute 40 something blond hostess.  She sits down next to Zeus on the bench, scooches him over with her hip and proceeds to discuss the beer menu with him. A nod to me and a token comment that I can follow along. Yay, me.

We decide on the beer, a medium dark ale after what seems like forever with her discussing bitters and points for levels of color for ale.  Zeus mentions that he has never had Grumpy Troll Beer, first time here. She finally pats him on the arm , tells him that he's a Grumpy Virgin and sashays off to actually do her other job.

Zeus is beaming at me. 

I shake my head. I remind him that sooner or later the third grader in him would come out and then everything would go "pear shaped". Best he just keep his eyes on me.

Old men.........sigh.

"Be at peace and see a clear pattern and plan running through all your lives.  Nothing is by chance."
Eileen Caddy


  1. The waitress was working very hard on her tip and Zeus was sure in heaven. Oh MEN...they are sometimes so easy to sway but at least you got a table pretty quickly! Riley looks like she had a great time at the game! Peace and continue resting....shingles are persistent! Be well, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Loved the picture of Zeus and little bit! Yeah, men. MHF is right, though, handy for table getting:)