Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make way, making space............

I discovered, with the help of Number One Son, how to clean out some of the time wasting stuff posted on Facebook. Who knew, certainly not me, that if I hovered my mouse over the far right side of the post by someone I could click to hide the games. 
AND, then to my joy, it tell me that it has hidden it successfully and do I want to do any other editing to this person. 

Oh my yes.  I am not going to comment on how I feel about what most of the "friends" on my Facebook post. It makes them happy I guess but it's a time waster for me so I just edited everybody down to family news. 

Some people I just Unfollowed. I realized that once upon a time I was interested in what classes and workshops they were teaching. Lately, it seems that many artist teachers are taking their workshops abroad, which is nice for them but pretty darn expensive for the rest of us. 

I'm cleaning the computer house, I guess.

I'm looking at habits I have gotten into the last ten years or so and asking myself questions that maybe a lot of us should be asking ourselves.

How is it working for me?
Does it fill a need I have right now?
Does it help in any way to make me a better artist?

I could list a couple of more questions but then it starts to sound kinky? Basically, as I simplify my surroundings to create more space and time I found that I needed to look at how I spent that extra time.

I'm not saying that wasting time is something horrible. I find that daydreaming often allows my subconscious mind time to bring to the surface something that it thinks I need to see, connect, observe or understand. That for me is usually  "neutral" time wasting, until the "light bulb" moment.

Probably, for the first time I have begun to realize that what I create, in my art, IS SPEAKING OF SOMETHING. Honestly, up until this point I thought I was just having fun, doing some new technique, making something interesting. I wasn't putting together the fact that when I was involved in a project and it was flowing and naming itself that it was expressing something from a deeper layer. I really thought, "Oh, that's cool, yeah, I should call it that".  As if the title really didn't have a connection to something that was going on in the back of my mind. Then I had one of those "light bulb" moments and it came when someone close to me said they didn't understand why I put one part of a piece together with another. 

I suddenly realized that it was so clear to me what the piece represented and that it was personal. That even what appears to be an abstract piece has a deeper meaning. Then, and some of you are probably wondering why I am so dense, I realized that my way of telling a story isn't going always be clear, easy to understand. That like my work it has layers, I have to tell the story as you look at the work and then you see the layers with me.

It reminds me of something that a friend send me recently.  It's a picture of a tree and it asks you to find the hidden faces. How many can you find.
Once I knew I was looking for faces, every time I looked at the tree I saw a couple more. In fact, even after I turned off the computer, came back the next day and looked at it I couldn't help BUT see the faces. I think I finally found ten.

Sometime, I'm not very clear here. Sometimes I find just posting something starts to bring ideas and thoughts to the surface for me. So, I guess you could say, if you are reading this that you are getting an inside look of how one artist works.

Or, you are getting the look at the confused mutterings of an old lady. Your call.


"Success in a journey not a destination- half the fun is getting there."
Gita Bellin

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