Monday, February 11, 2013

It Takes A Village to Build A Birdhouse!

Last year, for the Studio Artists local show, at the Senior Center we had a small wall, as you walked in telling the people who we were. We all did self portraits that year. 
For this year's show I wanted to recycle and use what I already had in "inventory".  I had a number of small bird houses so I gave one to each of the artists and asked her to decorate it in her style.
They did a fantastic job!

Then I took the birdhouses over to Zeus's workshop and said, "Hey there good looking, what can you do to help me make this into an apron hanger?"

Zeus in his venerable wisdom said, "Lay them down upon the workbench and let me ponder on them."

Meanwhile, I got a large floor canvas, asked the ladies to cut out a simple apron pattern and decorate their home made canvas aprons to hang on our soon to be apron hanger.

That all happened back in the summer.

Last night Zeus proudly presented me with his creation for our show. Our apron will hang off of this fantastic whimsical birdhouse, cityscape hanger.

I am blown away by his creativity. He managed to highlight each and every birdhouse, create an environment for them and make it practical and fun for the show.

Our decorated aprons all with our name and STUDIO ARTISTS painted on them will hang next to our Introduction cards, with our names and locations.

I really like the idea that this group of artists is serious about their work, willing to experiment and grow and has a fun attitude about themselves.

Of course, this makes it really hard to top, for next year.


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  1. Zeus is amazing. I knew that, but had no idea he was such a designer. Tell him I said this is wonderful. Take many pictures with the aprons. I'm trying to image what it will look like. I think part of what make sit special is the fact that you transformed something that was just sitting there. Kudos to you all! How wonderful!