Tuesday, January 01, 2013


New Year's Day doesn't really hold much for me, not like the 1st day of Fall or Spring. It's probably a day that has too much pressure on it, the making of resolutions, setting goals, looking back, looking forward, etc. It always seems to me the END of the holiday season. Time to get back to "normal life".

I am, though, going through the shelves in storage and looking to see what hasn't been used, opened or just needs to move on to someone else or someplace else. 

I found a box of framed pictures. I'm removing the pictures to scan into the computer. The frames are old, still in good shape but I don't hang pictures of family members, especially dead family members.

While sorting I suggested to Zeus, who was working on his own projects, in the workshop, that maybe 2013 would be a good year for us to have a codeword.

It seems that over the years we have slipped into a pattern of responding to "stupid questions, "dumb questions","annoying question", (you do see the pattern here, right?) with a not so nice TONE OF VOICE.  I thought perhaps we could come up with something that the offended person could say that would alert the other person that they were being a jerk. 
Zeus suggested,"You're being an ass#$&".
I thought maybe one word would be enough.
Zeus suggested, "Ass#$%@"

I hope he remembers that the next time he hears sweet Hera mutter it to him.

Moving on.......

Yesterday, Riley was watching a DVD of the Nutcracker.
She, like her mother was riveted to the screen watching the ballet.
She turned to Zeus and said, "I like the ladies in the pretty dresses."
Zeus said, "Those are pretty fancy dresses aren't they?"
Riley answered with a resigned voice, "I had a fancy dress but has boogers on it."

Ok, maybe you had to be there but it cracked me up. 

For 2013 I'm really going to try, try VERY HARD, not to let other people's behavior, personalities, actions determine my emotional response. Tough goal, I know. It's very hard not to take some things in a personal way. It's hard to let go of the fact that some people DO NOT CHANGE even if you confronted them about their behavior or actions. They simply hear, "Wha, whaa, whaaaaaaaa,"when you talk to them. They get something out of their behavior, nothing I would want but apparently it confirms a belief they have, reinforces something so they continue to be themselves.

My mother is 87 and she tells me that she is going to be herself and everybody else be damned. I told her that is fine but when it comes to her telling off color jokes when my husband is with  me, I won't be hanging around.
I'm not going to get upset with her, if that's what she wants to do and it's that important to her to do it, fine. 

I need to work on my response and how seriously I want to belabor my emotional response.
Same for anyone that feels they need to "be themselves". Hear me now, if you can't put a filter on the thoughts that come from your brain to your mouth, around me, then you will be seeing less and less of me in your life.

On a more upbeat note I'm going to do some serious work in the STUDIO this year. I've been saying that and not making time for it. Starting tomorrow I will be trotting over on the A1 that Zeus created for me.

It might be hard to see  but there is a path from the house, that go to the "round-a-bout" around the firepit over to the STUDIO. For, Murphy, a small dog it's like running in a tunnel, the snow is so high. 

Zeus says he is going to knock this off the roof, today. It reminds him too much of living in an ice house. I think it's rather graceful and pretty myself.

My mother, in Florida, asks me if the snow has melted yet.
She really doesn't understand that once we do get a big snowfall it's here until April.  Ok, maybe, MAYBE it will be gone in March. But, frankly, I think that is just wishful thinking.

I hope the NEW YEAR brings you more CREATIVITY in your LIFE, MORE JOY, HEALTH, a little bit of WEALTH wouldn't hurt would it, PEACE in your THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS and
somebody to LAUGH WITH. 

Thank you again for taking the time our of your busy day to read my thoughts and musings. Thanks for taking the time to comment when you do.  I appreciate you being out there and well, just being YOU.


"Be at Peace and see a clear pattern and plan running through all your lives. NOTHING IS BY CHANCE.
"Eileen Caddy"


  1. I love this "nothing is by chance" and your post gave me food for thought as I spend my quiet ay quilting and remembering my blessings and the people I have lost. I love your wit..and Riley is a real Joy!!! We have a puppet theater that we made with maya Rose a couple years back... You are loved ...and that is the greatest gift one can have. Happy 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Ya! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart