Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank you, teachers.

My friend, Mary Ellen posted this on FB this morning.
I don't really post anything there so I thought I would borrow it and post it here.

I was waiting for a show to come on, on PBS when I saw an ad for an upcoming show about how textbooks are determined for most of the rest of the country.
The little I saw was scary.
A panel, in Texas were going through books word by word, deleting or adding words.

I remember the boring, dry as toast, history books I had in high school. It wasn't until I was in college and took my first history class that I actually fell in love with the subject. 
I remember sitting in class, thinking, I never ever heard that about the Civil War. 

My grandparents on both sides graduated high school. My great grandparents made it to the 8th grade then left school to support their families.

My great aunt became a nurse. My mother followed in her footsteps. Both of these women were strong supporters of women getting an education. My mother went nights to get her Masters in Nursing.

Zeus's mother had to leave college because of the Great Depression. His father graduated college.

When I was growing up, going to college wasn't a given. When my mother remarried one child became four. Four girls to educate and marry off was more than they could afford. 

So, here's a hats off to all those teachers out there.
I know how hard you work. I know that the job doesn't end when you go home at night. I know that you are asked to do more for your schools and students then just teach. I know you put in hours and hours of after school activities, training sessions and coaching. I know you get the summer off and I also know that's a time for you to either get a second job or spend some time with your family since you certainly didn't have enough hours in a day to do it during the school year.

Here's to teachers that TRY to get our young people to learn, to understand the world, to be able to function in their lives. 

Thank you.


"Work is love made visible."
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


  1. Education is a powerful tool that heals the souls of us all. Thank you for your support. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Amen. It's sad to see those who do not understand that education is also a key to finding happiness, an exciting path to adventure, and the secret door to fascinating worlds. Good teachers are transformative figures in our lives--part Mary Poppins, part trusted guide, part dedicated coach. Thanks for reminding us of what we so often take for granted. Donna