Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I mentioned that I spend part of New Year's Day sorting pictures. I took apart many that were in frames that I would never use. I don't know who gave me this picture, my mother or father. 

It's a picture of my first love.

That's Golden Dawn. It makes no difference that the bike was blue. 

 I rode it everywhere. I was nine and it gave me the freedom to escape from the endless bickering and fighting of my parents. I could roam the streets and parking lots of Collingswood.

I tied a rope to the handle bars and Golden Dawn became my horse. There was nothing we couldn't do.
I had Penny from SKY KING as my hero.

My basket was big enough to carry an arm load of books home from the Library. 

By the time I turned 10 my mother was getting a divorce and we were moving into an apartment. For some reason it was explained to me that there was no where for me to keep my bike so it didn't make the move with us. I can't tell you how broken hearted I was.

I never had a bike again until I got married and then well into the early years of our marriage.

So, back to my story.......I'm taking out this picture to scan it onto a chip and what do I find folded up between the picture and the back of the frame? Yup, that nice crisp $50.00. 

Now, isn't that a great way to start off the New Year?

So, thanks Mother or Pop, which ever one of you tucked that money away. 


"Life is the movie you see through your own, unique eyes.  It makes little difference what's happening out there, It's how you take it that counts."
Denis Waitley, the Winner's Edge 

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  1. I love this find...maybe I should leave some bit of money behind some of my framed photos...or a special note about the time when this photo was taken. I can not imagine how heart broken you were when you could not take your beloved bike with you. I love sharing thee stories ...they touch us all. You are loved dear lady!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart