Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Opposite Day

I could stay in my reality and go on and on about how beautiful it is outside. What a WINTER WONDERLAND it is. How fresh and white and preeeeetie everything is. How nine more inches of snow after a day that reached the 50s, doesn't bother me.   BAH HUMBUG!

My green was snatched away from me. My world is covered in white again. So therefore I am declaring it opposite day. 

I will look out my window and see the blues and turquoise of the Caribbean. I will see palm trees and brightly colored birds. Ok, those of you in warm climates you can stop the snickering now. 

On to something else that I was thinking about this morning. When we were at the juggler show there was a young woman with her husband and two children sitting in front of us. Her youngest was probably four months old. While the show was going on she changed the baby, on her lap. Now, this is not a big feat for a second time mother what surprised me is that she was using CLOTH diapers.
No pins, just some sort of clip affair to hold them together. No rubber pants but little woolen shorts over the diaper. Seemed like such a bulky affair for a little one.

I remember when I had to use cloth diapers for my boys. Disposable weren't around for the oldest and when the second child came we still couldn't afford to buy disposable diapers. I only used them for special occasions when changing James would have been difficult. But, I sure liked them.

I also remember that for the boys I had to use double cotton diapers and the rubber pants and it seemed like I was always changing them, always smearing cream on rashes and doing laundry.

We once drove out to Kansas when Justin was a baby and I had a suitcase just filled with cotton diapers.  Aunt Karma didn't have a dryer out at the ranch so I washed diapers and hung them up in the hot Kansas climate. The first ones hung were dry by the time I got the last ones hung up.

That clothes line, wire not rope, was what sent your Great Aunt Elizabeth to the emergency room, grandchildren. She was riding one of the horses around the yard and lucky for her she wasn't doing a gallop when she didn't see the wire and ran right into it. It knocked her off the horse. No serious or life term damage but it certainly scared all of us.

I love hanging laundry out. I like the smell of laundry when it dries outside. I find the cardboard feel to towels uncomfortable but it's worth it for the smell of your sheets. 

I suppose there is some counter culture reason that young woman was using cloth diapers. I'm sure she had very good reasons, to her, for doing it.

Me? As much as I love hanging up laundry I don't like doing it much. It's like dishes and cleaning, has to be done, let's get it done as quickly as possible and move on to something that is far more interesting and creative. I have so much I want to get done and domestic chores seem to eat up valuable time some days.

I have such mixed feelings some days. I know going backwards in many things is good for the planet, perhaps even good for humans. But, I like the luxuries, the technology and the time savers. 

I'm going over to the studio today. Yesterday, I cleaned off my work area around my sewing machine and started back on the "mystery quilt blocks" the art group started back in September of 2012. I love my sewing machine. I have no desire to use one that isn't electric or even one like my grandmother must have had where she had to turn the round handle to get it to work. I want to ZOOM!

Speaking of sewing I finally and God knows I should have figured this out a long time ago, FINALLY got sewing two wavy edge strips together without any lumps and bumps. For those of you that haven't yet, here's how you do it.
Take your two strips of fabric, doesn't matter how wide they are. Put them down in front of you, right side up. Now, slide the right edge of the left strip over the left edge of the right strip.
Got it? Now, they should be laying on top of each other at least 1/2 inch so you can cut your wavy line.
Don't move them. Take your cutter and go down between where they are on top of each other, making your wavy cutting line. Don't get carried away a nice easy rolling wavy line.
DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING when you are done. Slowly, flip the left one over to the right one, now right side are together.  Holding the two edges together slide out the cut pieces, KEEP HOLDING those top edges together and put it under your machine needle. 
Now, when you are sewing you will notice that the hills and valleys don't match up. No problem. You keep the bottom strip nice and flat and you SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY, start up your machine and 
EASE THE TOP PIECE EDGE of top strip to the EDGE of the bottom strip. Don't think about anything. Don't worry is this going to match up. STOP THINKING just go slowly and the work is done on the top strip matching it to the edge of the bottom strip.
Press and you should be a nicely surprised as I was. It works.
I've been getting away from cutting my strips for any textile work, with a ruler. I'm going for a more free form look and adding these wavy strips in a block looks neat.

Ok, off to create, hope that's where you are going too.


"We can only be here NOW when we accept instantly our moment-by moment emotional experience."
Gita Bellin

P.S. This just cracks me up. When I finish a blog piece I open up A Guide for the Advanced Soul, at a random page.  Every quote I put after my name has been a random selection. It always seems like the quote fits what I had to say. Sometimes it's even a reminder for me.

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