Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh to be a kid again............

We did it!  We bundled ourselves up, got ourselves downtown to the Overture Center, found a seat on a ROCK HARD carpeted bench, scooched over when asked and sat thigh to thigh to watch, the AMAZING, the WONDERFUL, the INCREDIBLE MR. LOON, the JUGGLER.
Riley got to sit behind us on the SPECIAL BENCH reserved for children, which meant, although I got some nice hugs from her, I also got kicked repeatedly in the back by size Toddler 10 sneakers.
The Incredible Loon as been the official juggler of the Civic Center, through all it's renovations and name changes. He's also as old as Zeus and I.  We've seen him with our children, when they were little.  His show is great, geared for the much younger crowd, laced with some "over the head" quips for the adults and has definitely slowed down, over the years.
If he's anything like me his reaction time has slowed down and even if all your juggling props are plastic it's still not fun to be dropping them all over the stage.
He entertained the crowd for the bulk of the time with spinning plates. It seemed like THOUSANDS of tiny voices, screamed "It's SLOWING DOWN" so Mr. Loon could run back and forth, turning plates.
In between sprints he sucked down something in a purple glass, wiped his sweaty brow with endless purple hankies and put more plates on sticks.

The best part for the little ones was when he threw little stuffed slingshot monkeys into the audience.
The receivers job was to, on command, slingshot those monkeys BACK to him and knock off spinning plates.
It took a couple of requests to convince the crowd to give back the monkeys. lol
Riley, sitting next to little girls her same age was delighted with the entire program. She yelled and clapped and occasionally got so excited she pounded my back with her shoes.
I admire Mr. Loon. It's hard to keep the attention of small children if you are just juggling small balls. But bring out three bean bag chairs and you settle down the crowd. 
Riley whispered, in my ear, "He can't juggle those"!
Oh, my dear, don't doubt, people of a certain age. Forty-two years this man has, as he put it, "been avoiding getting a real job", has been finding things to juggle and amaze.
And, he hasn't lost his showmanship.

Thanks, Mr. Incredible Loon for a good show. Thanks, Overture Center for providing a free of charge show for children.

Thanks, Riley for taking Grandpa and me to see it.

"If you know you want it, Have it."
Gita Bellin


  1. Oh Bea she is just an adorable copy of you.....she will keep you young forever with her curiosity and never ending energy! It looks like everyone had a day to remember...and a heart felt memory to cherish. Have a great weekend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Oh, clap, clap, clap. Oh to be outrageous. I hope the magnificent Mr. Loon has health insurance or someone''s covering him. Few people know the job of an unjob:)