Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frankly, I do give a damn................

This is NOT a picture of me. This is a photograph of Rhett Butler and Scarlett's daughter, Bonnie.
Apparently, in the film, Bonnie falls off a pony and dies, and the tragedy causes a rift between the two which is impossible for them to get over.

Now, why would I bore you with all this information?

I was sipping my coffee, listening to my mother tell me about life in Assisted Living,during our weekly Sunday morning phone call. 
Out of the clear blue she asks me if I ever wondered where she got my name.

"What? you shout. "Bea isn't short for Bonnie."

Oh, grasshopper you are very wise.
When I was in high school, a very dear friend used to call me Bonnie B. Is still does to this day. When I started creating art I would sign my name B. and my last name. People would just call me Bea then.
Since Beatrice is a family name I just decided to use Bea. 
Much to my mother's unhappiness I have never cared for Bonnie.  
I often wondered why it was popular at a certain time period. Now, I know.

My mother told me that  Clark Gable was the first to utter my name. From that moment on she was hooked. 
I think I saw Gone With the Wind, forty years ago or so. I never even remember seeing or hearing about the daughter, Bonnie.
So, for 64 years I've been stuck with a name that my mother heard in a movie. I guess that's better than some names I've heard parents name their children.

I think what surprises me the most is that I remember asking my mother, over the years how she came up with my name and her reply was, "I just liked it." It took until she was 88 for her to remember why she liked it.

It makes me wonder what I've forgotten over the years.


"Take heart, truth and happiness will get you in the end.  You can't lose in this game.  Have fun.  It goes on too long to be taken seriously all the time."
John & Lyn St. Clair Thomas, Eyes of the Beholder


  1. memories are fleeting Bea...I cried when I read about the horse fall in GWTW....I felt I could have known that little girl! Back to work! Peace, Mary Helen 88 years!

  2. Oh! I've seen GWTW at least a dozen times. Bonnie is a beautiful and wonderful little girl and Gable is totally devoted to her. Its heartbreaking when she falls off that horse. I can't believe you just found that out!!