Monday, January 07, 2013

Dinner delivery.

Finished my book study project for the Studio Artists.
We were to take a photograph, size it up to 81/2x11, then rip it apart and put it back together again with additional papers and writing. I had a wonderful picture I had taken when we were at the Cape, visiting James and Caitlin. 
Probably the longest, untouched, original photo strip is the off center piece, with the sailboat. 
Another member of the group, Mary will be running our finished works through her printer and onto fabric.
Then another bit of magic will happen when we take that piece and transform it with stitching and quilting.
I did this piece of collage on an 8x10 wrapped canvas.
It's collaged and painted. 
I've gotten in the habit of carrying my camera around with me from place to place, in the house. You never know when a photo opportunity is going to happen, especially, when you live in the country.
I was just sitting down to check my mail when I saw this large turkey starting up the front walk steps. 

"Cleo, Louie and Murphy", I yelled, "Dinner is coming."

Ok, not really, but only because I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do with a live turkey. And, we did have turkey last night for dinner. One that arrived fully prepared for my oven.

I think she looked at the lovely cleared walk that Zeus made and thought it was a lot easier to walk than floundering over the snow drifts.

While she was coming up the front walk, her three sisters had made it up the hill, through the drifts to the bird feeder, at the other side of the house. I turned from taking the first picture to find them peering in the window at me. 
This is the view across the road. I never get tired of looking at that old farm and it's outbuildings. I guess all the snow blew across the field and right up to our house because they sure don't have the four foot drifts that I have, on my front deck.
The weather people are gleefully talking about rain later this week and temperatures rising up to the high 30s. RAIN?  RAIN? in JANUARY??????
I can only shake my head and wonder how long before we all wake up an actually DO something about our contribution to global warming.
My new Internet class with Jane Davies starts tomorrow. I am ready for some new challenges. I took one from her in the fall and enjoyed it thoroughly.


"To Change one's life:

        NO EXCEPTIONS (no excuses)"

William James

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  1. I love this collage piece on the canvas...did you use gel medium to add the design elements? And turkeys are just too funny for words..we sometimes have a flock of crazy turkeys come running over and down our hill. As far as I know they have not made it to the large glass back door to look in...I would die if I had to catch my dinner. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart