Sunday, January 13, 2013


To Whom It May Concern,

Recently, I purchased your game Operation, Toy Story 3 as a Christmas present for a grandchild.
Not, I may add just another present from a doting grandparent but this was a present from SANTA.

You know, the BIG GUY. The present that is probably anticipated by small children, more than the gifts of relatives.

In this day and age of high technology toys I made a decision to bring back, to my grandchildren, a little of the love of playing a board game.

Imagine my disappointment when after finding the four batteries that were needed for the "real laser sounds", created a buzz that was not at all like the sound of the lasers, I remember from Star Wars. 

Oh, if that was all I had to complain about. Dear Sirs, I don't know which department was given this task of creating this knock off of the original OPERATION game but they have let you down.

Perhaps their skills lay in the designing the box lid department? Did anyone actually open the box when it came to the INSPECTION and APPROVAL department?

First of all, your little "funatomy parts" are cutely named, "galactic acid", "Asteroids", etc. but if you will note, while looking at the colorful cover of your box, all these "funatomy parts" are in color with clear details of what they are. IF, you had inspected the box you would have found that someone neglected to actually paint the 1/4" funatomy parts that were provided. 

Thus, making them almost impossible to figure out what part they were and where the heck they went.

Trust me your "silly skill game" is NOT silly or fun when the part is practically the same size as the hole and almost impossible to get out. 

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV but I have removed enough splinters from tiny fingers and plucked enough eyebrows, to know how to use tweezers. 

Even I, an experienced tweezer user could not help Buzz Lightyear with his "radar rash and asteroids that have Buzz Lightyear in a tizzy and that Battered Blaster sure is making him dizzy"

I played the original Operation game with my children when they were small. We had fun with the game. It was a silly skill game.

I hate to be the one to tell you that the "gamers" that you locked in the room to develop this version have a mean streak. Trust me when I say there was no laughing, no silliness when we tried to play this new version.

Perhaps, you or one of the designers of this game would like to explain to a small child, why Santa would bring such a difficult and practically impossible game? Why would Santa do that?

My suggestion to you HASBRO is to actually open the box before you send it to market. Sit down and look at the pieces. Do they look like the pieces illustrated on the lid? Do they fit the holes designed for the piece or did you find it difficult to even figure out what the piece was and where the heck it went?

Admire the bright and colorful PR on the box but compare it to the contents. And, if you find they don't match then don't give those designers in Room 230 any more milk and cookies until they come up with a game that small children can actually play without tears.

A grandmother that is sorely disappointed in you.
Do try to get it right. Those of us that love board games depend on you. Shame on you Hasbro for
letting Santa down too.

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  1. I can not wait to hear their excuses or recommendations...I played Operation with my children and I have a grandson I considered getting him one in the very near future. Thank you for the informed observations!
    You always make me smile! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart