Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Angie's Girls

Remember this summer when I mentioned that I was getting fresh eggs from my local garden center?
K & A garden center is a family operation. Chris and his wife Angie have taken over for his parents and have invested time and money in their side of the road place.
Angie, a previous grade school teacher, had two chickens and she was telling me that she and Chris were working such long hours that they weren't eating a lot of meal at home so she had a lot of eggs that they couldn't eat.
I told her I would be happy to take organic eggs off her hands.
She wanted to just give me a dozen when I stopped in but I had to teach the teacher about the concept of "egg money".
Both chickens were named, I now forget what Angie called them. By the end of the summer she had acquired two more chickens and now just referred to them as "the girls".
Chris who claims he had no use for them, built a moveable nesting roost, fenced in a big area for them and hauls food for them.
Yesterday, I got this picture from them, on facebook. I guess Angie has spare time on her hands this winter or maybe Chris, who doesn't really care about the chickens, took up a new hobby?


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  1. I've never seen chickens in the snow..I hAd no idea...I LOVE their coats!!!