Monday, January 14, 2013

"Always rise to an early meal, but eat your fill before a feast. You have no time to talk if you are hungry." Old Viking saying

My great aunt, no not this young lady, sorry, my great aunt Elvie wouldn't discuss family history with me. When I once asked about a photo I found in an album she dismissed it with, "Oh, she was from some tribe of Indians."
"American Indian? I asked, my eyes wide.
"Yes, some tribe that wiped themselves out", she replied.

I suspect now, that I have more information from my genealogy studies and more facts from my mother, that she just didn't want to talk about family history and wander into "secrets" territory.

I took the Ancestry DNA Genetic Ethnicity test. I got back my results. 

Yup, you guessed it, not a drop of Native American blood in me. The story was bogus and as I discovered before taking this test the name Black----- that was barely legible on the back of the photo was not BLACKFOOT as my aunt would have implied.
It was Black Brook, where a good portion of my mother's side of the family lived in the 1800's.

So, I get the test results which tell me where my ancestors, who lived HUNDREDS and perhaps even THOUSANDS of years ago, came from and it's Scandinavia at 83% and Southern European coming in at 17%. I suspect that's the Portuguese Jewish connection. 

The 83% ties me to the Vikings and true to my roots most of my ancestors, that I can trace, hightailed it across the water and settled early, in North America. 

So, I guess I come by my "traditionally built body" authentically. Whether my ancestors were hauling plunder around the "castle" or standing aboard a long ship, feet firmly planted, they were "strong, good looking and above average". 

They would have had to have been, right?  After all I'm here today, aren't I?


"You should always be aware that your head creates your world."
Ken Keyes, Jt., Handbook to Higher Consciousness

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  1. I have often wondered what I pedigree so to speak...but just never got around to really checking it out. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart