Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little sunshine would help.

I can't say I even remember where I took this picture. When I am in a texture mood I see texture all around me and click away. Or maybe this was the day I was in need of color? 
I keep a file of texture pictures. Once, when I took an online Photoshop class, the instructor told us to keep a file of subjects that could be used for layers in a Photoshop composition.

I still haven't settled down to do any serious work with Photoshop. I'm saving that for the time that I can't get out to the studio and work. 
I always say that as if I'm going to actually sit down during a vacation and figure out or remember what I learned about Photoshop. sigh

There is always hope.
Meanwhile I have this wonderful file of great texture photos. 

Sometimes you just have to sit and stare for a bit to figure out what the heck it might be.
My landscape, outside my window, hasn't changed. It's still the same colors or lack of color. I tell myself it's not getting to me but I notice that I'm looking back into my photo files for pictures of flowers, spring and summer landscapes.

Zeus reminds me that it's the END of JANUARY. Only 
two more months of winter. Zeus, an optimist always thinks of March as Spring. Having shoveled enough sidewalks and driveways over the years I know even calling April can be a reach some years.

It is going to get back up to the 40s again this week and then after that little teaser it will drop back down to our normal low 20s temperatures. 

BUT, on the bright side, a very bright side, I have noticed more Cardinals in the bushes by the edge of the woods. The males are singing so maybe they know something we don't.

Last night Riley and and Grandpa bundled up and took flashlights and Murphy and went for a walk in the woods. Riley told me that they saw a LOT of BUNNY POOP.  Grandpa said that's a good thing. Lots of new bunnies running around.

I'm sure the mating Red Tail Hawks, in the woods will appreciate that, more fast food for them.

Ok, I seem to be traveling down towards the dark side again. Time to go out to the studio and play with COLOR.  LOTS and LOTS of BRIGHT COLORS.


" You find true joy and happiness in life when you give and give and go on giving and never count the cost."
Eileen Caddy, The Dawn of Change

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  1. I agree a photo file on just about anything...can be so useful when we are snowed in....the spicing of our creation process...continues to spiral out much like a pebble entering a quiet pond. "Lots on bunny poop" ...she just makes me happy. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart