Sunday, December 02, 2012

WHAT IF???????

There might be some trouble in River City or up in The Studio. One of the Studio Artists reported that she took her bowl off the container and it's rather flimsy and floppy, neither adjective we were working towards.
So, hold off on following my directions until we work out the kinks.
That's what I love about this group. We experiment.

Remember as a kid how much you liked to experiment? How much water added to that dirt to make mud that you could actually shape into pretend food? All those dead insects you collected, hammered onto a piece of wood you found in the garage and then finding a can of shellac and coating the heck out of all of them? Or how about the mold experiment you made in the laundry room of the apartment building?  When you collected all kinds of things food and smeared them on your father cotton undershirts and wrapped them in newspaper and let them sit over there by the furnace?

Oh wait.....................that was me not you. :)

From an early age I guess I had the "WHAT IF" philosophy.  I remember in Chemistry lab being bored with the detailed instructions being given and before my lab partner (always a dedicated chemistry nerd) could say anything I said to myself "Self, what if we just added this and that?"

I dimly remember hearing the teacher's voice saying, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo" rather like coming from inside a can. It did bubble nicely and overflow and sizzle whatever it was.  Nice color, too.

So, they all were going for one result and I another.
You would have thought it was the end of the world.
As I explained to my Chemistry partner, relax, do you honestly think they would let us play with anything that could blow us up? Ok, so it was just a little fire, no biggie.

I do remember my partner glaring at me through his thick glasses and telling me that from now on I would be another pretty face note taker, PERIOD. Forceful fellow. I wonder if he's a researcher now or a CEO?

Anyway, now I play with a group of women that like to mutter, WHAT IF?  Sometimes surprises surface.

Linda P. (we have two Linda's in the group) was showing us her latest finished project.
Parts of these piece where just hanging on her design board for the longest time.  She would glance at them and nothing came to mind. Then one day she was sorting some stamped printed fabric, from this summer's work and she glanced up at the design board and LIGHTBULB MOMENT. Something clicked and she started to say to herself, "WHAT IF I did 
You can't really see all the small textural detail, in these piece but she has used painted fabric, painted cheesecloth, fussy cut, hand painted, inked and stamped pieces. It's just a beautiful piece.

I'm not sure there is a lot of WHAT IF going on in children's lives these days. Oh there is the what if I shoot that figure in the video game, NOT the same.

I'm not sure the school systems have the time, resources or interest in letting children have a lot of WHAT IF time. I hope they do. I hope the young teachers of today encourage that spark. I know clean up is a lot of work. I know that staying on task and getting them prepared to take the tests that determine  how much money your school gets, is important.

I think we need those creative thinkers. Somebody is going to have to pull us out of the messes that we've have made and left for them. 

Somebody is going to have to keep working on treatments and solutions to our environment, health and economy problems.


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  1. "What if" and "evidence" are two of my favorite themes and NO schools do not value the quiet free time to just "what if" moments. There is so much obsession with test scores we are losing our children to stats in a particular classroom with a particular teacher. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart