Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Some fallen angels.

Last night while folding some laundry I was unable to reach the clicker, to switch the TV channel. Too lazy to get up and get it I folded towels and watched the opening to the Victoria Secret special. I was intrigued by the opening set and the costumes the models wore. It had a rather Zetti feel to it so I was amused.

After the opening number they switched to some taped comments from the models. And, here my friends is where it went all down hill for me.

I don't know which one -name model it was that said, "......we are self confident women." I almost knocked the stack of bath towels on the floor as I jumped up to find the clicker.


WHAT because she can strut down a runway in her underwear, having been just man/woman handled to have her hair and make up done, her clothing put on, adjusted and coached to "make love to the camera"????????????

What in any of her actions tells me that she is self confident?

She feels self confident because her boobs are a perfect fit for the bra? Her butt is perfect for the underwear or thong? Her abs are flat and her legs long? That she can walk a un-natural walk in six inch heels down a runway?

Like dressing cheerleaders in barely nothing and telling them to jump up and down makes a difference to the football crowd. Is being eye candy enough to make you self confident? Knowing that men are looking at your bodies with only one thought in mind makes you self confident? Or is it the fact that you can parade around half naked without blushing your definition of being self confident?

Normally, I wouldn't even bother with a blog like this but I write my blog for my friends AND MY FAMILY. I have three granddaughters and this is NOT the message I want them to believe is real.

HAYDEN, RILEY AND RORY and any future granddaughters I might have----- pay attention to me.

Being self confident as a woman means, knowing who you are, knowing what your values are, knowing what you believe in and are willing to work for.

It's carrying your self with dignity because you have a brain and you are using it. If you have been blessed with innate talent you are using it. If you have been blessed with a mentor in your life that sees your undeveloped, they have helped you develop them.

Your body is what you get when you are born. It houses your soul. Can't get around earth without it.
You take care of it, you nourish it, exercise it but it has a lifespan. During that lifespan you develop your brain and your heart. You look around you and see what YOU CAN DO for humanity and not yourself.
If the weakest link breaks we all break.
You take the advantages that your position in life has given you. You learn what you need to learn to have a skill that will hopefully take care of you, provide you with a sense of honor and dignity and more importantly help other humans.

When you have done that you can walk down any runway anywhere with a sense of self confidence.
And, you don't have to do it in your underwear.

Sure, reading what I just said, these million dollar models probably would be nodding their heads and saying, "See, dear, I did just that. I looked at my body and decided it was my best asset, I worked with it, I developed it, augmented it, adjusted it and sold it. I now walk into a show like Victoria Secret, knowing my bank account is solid and I strip naked and allow people to dress me, paint me, mold me into something that will SELL MERCHANDISE. My face is known all over the world and my body lusted after by men all over the world. So what have you done today?"

Girls, I would hope that you could answer that model with a smile and say,

"I saved a life, a fed a child, a comforted a elder, I found a cure, I discovered a new solar system, I played music that made people cry, I designed new limbs so soldiers could walk, play and be, I hugged someone then hugged another and gave them shoes and clothing. I made a peanut and butter sandwhich for a child, I sang a lullaby to someone. I said I love myself and I love you.