Tuesday, December 25, 2012


MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and I hope you are spending the day with loved ones. 
We had an exhausted, partied out, little 3 year old stay with us last night.  She "thought" she heard jingle bells while Grandpa was reading The Night Before Christmas to her.
The hit, ok the second hit of the morning was her medical coat and medical instruments that go in the pockets. The first hit was from Santa, in her stocking and that was Princess lip gloss. How girlie is that?
Well, even Dr. Riley has to look good when she takes off her mask.
You just can't keep a good man down. Zeus is determined to have the downstairs bathroom in tip top shape for James and Caitlin, when they arrive tomorrow morning. He scraped off the wallpaper and will paint it a beautiful shade, of my favorite color, pale yellow.
This man is not happy unless he has a "house or yard project". I'm pretty lucky because without him I'm clueless in Verona.
I may not spend my day, scraping off wallpaper but I did make my annual RUM CAKE. A shot of rum for the cake, a shot of rum for the cook, a shot of rum for the glaze, two shots of rum for the cook.  Can you see where this is headed?
Murphy was not forgotten by Santa.  He got a new squeaky toy which he does NOT want Hank to play with.  Hank has a "record" of gutting doggie toys.
Aren't these Amaryllis plants just beautiful.  I got three bulbs in fall and darn if they didn't open up right in time for Christmas. They are HUGE.  They are sitting on my kitchen windows.  You can see out the windows at the field of WHITE and over there in the corner is Dog In The Hole Studio or the barn depending on who you ask.
Well, dear readers, tomorrow my family arrives from Boston and Minnesota. I have all my children together and more of the holiday festivities continue.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and to ALL A GOOD NIGHT.



  1. I haven't made a rum cake for awhile but seeing yours makes me want to! LOL Your flowers are glorious against the outside backdrop. Glad you are having a fun Christmas. Hugs!

  2. Every good doctor knows she needs Princess lip gloss!!! I wish you all a very happy season of family and good health! You have made me smile over this past year...thank you for your Joy for living! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. looks like a wonderful gathering time ...happy new year!