Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make a memory.

This comes to you from one of my dear friends. She posted it on her facebook page. It can also be used as a salt dough PAW PRINT.  That is if you can round up the four footed ones, in your house and get them to hold still to make an impression.
Then again the bite marks and scratches may be all the impressions you get.

I'm ready for the holidays.  I plan to spend tomorrow, watching the blizzard, baking sugar cookies for our annual sugar cookie contest and watching Zeus finish the list of projects that he swears, up and down, he will GET DONE BEFORE THE KIDS ARRIVE.  I have great faith in him.  Also, baring the door to his workshop might be a quarantee that things get finished.

I've pulled in my markers this year. Since the holidays are about traditions and celebrations and making Grammybea happy. Oh yeah, that's right up there on the list. I have instituted something new.  It rather harkens back to the Victorian era when families were entertained by each other or the children and not movies and technology.

I've asked all the adults and my 12 year old granddaughter to find a short story, paragraph or a poem that they really like. One suitable for a PG rated audience with little ones. I've asked them to be prepared to "present" it to the family. 

They can sit on a chair, stand, act it out, read it with their back turned, if they must but there is no try.

I'm a storyteller.  I realize that everyone isn't so I don't expect them to deliver a story without a prop.
But, I think that for many of us, hearing a story told, listening to the spoken word resonates with some deep cellular memory. Children are often spellbound when listening to someone read or act something out for them.
I've known grown ups that have listened from other rooms as I have read from chapter books to little ones.

So, along with our annual cookie decorating contest, which has developed into quite a competitive thing.
Two years ago, my oldest son, sat down at the table and unwrapped a towel with his special brushes and tools, like an artist unwrapping his canvas bag of brushes. I know that an often winner, my DIL was given Minny Mouse type yellow mittens to wear to give her a handicap.
We will also be doing some storytelling.
And, as if that isn't enough group activity we will divide up into teams and have a Gingerbread house construction contest.

Tonight, while the snow begins to fall I will begin my Christmas movie countdown.
Starting with It's a Wonderful Life
                    A Christmas Carol with George C Scott
                    A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart
I mean can you get enough of either one of those great actors?
                    Then one of my favorites How the Grinch Stole Christmas

And, Christmas Eve, with Riley, The Polar Express.

In case you are wondering why Millions is in the middle of that list, I consider it a great movie and perfect for the holiday. If you have never watched it, I give it six GOLD STARS.

"Seven year old Damian believes he's received a divine gift from above when a suitcase filled with cash literally falls out of the sky. Damian is anxious to share the wealth with those less fortunate while his fun-loving brother Anthony would rather by real estate and toys. When it turns out the loot has been stolen, both boys' plans are put to the test"..

I hope your plans for the season bring you together with those you love. I hope you spend the time, relaxed and enjoying the moment. As we know, we have just NOW and the memories of BEFORE. Life is very, very precious. Let us all bask in the smiles of those around us. Let us remember those who walk in different shoes down different paths and send them our prayers of love and care.

Be kind to each other and yourself. The season celebrates one that brought the message of LOVE to humanity. Let us hope we can combine the WISDOM  and the COMPASSION that arrived before him with that LOVE and pay it forward.


P.S.  I've added this note after receiving this email after the post.
"Was reading Bea's Blog this morning and this instantly brought back a Christmas memory. I was living in Hawaii, and my then MIL & I decided to make salt dough ornaments. We took such care with each one, having a great time adding embellishments & painting them. We hung them on the tree and went to bed. The next morning we awoke to drooping ornaments! They were 'dripping' off the tree! Seems the high humidity in our 50th state is not compatable with salt dough! LOLOL!"
 Thanks Carol for the laugh and the heads up!

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