Saturday, December 22, 2012


The problem with picture takers is that you often find it hard to find a picture of them. I think Shari must have taken this one when we were at St. John's, last year. I know that's not a Minnesota background!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear son, I hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by loved ones. 

And, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Caitlin. I hope you too have a wonderful birthday surrounded by your loved ones.

I can't wait to see both families in five days. This picture was taken in July of this year and we all know how fast little children grow. I've been trying to explain to Riley that she can't call Curran, baby Curran anymore. He's a big boy of 2 1/2. She can call Rory baby Rory. She doesn't really like the sound of that.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH and may you have many, many more!


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