Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012 ahem

There it is folks.
Now, the next thing we have to move on to is the End of the Earth.
Not to put a lot of pressure on you but if you have been hoarding you might want to start giving away some of your stuff.

I remember when I was in my 30's and I would sort through something and think, "wait, if I get rid of that I know I'm going to need it again in the future."

When I was in my 30's we didn't have a lot of excess money. So, I would hang on to things, positive that a urgent need for it would appear. 99% of the time it never did.

Now, I tend to look at something and ask myself,
"Self? Do you love it?  Does it make you smile? Is it worth your time and energy?"

And, 99% of the time I can answer no. Whatever the reason was that I was sure I needed it, wanted it, had to have it, or was given it, it doesn't need to be in my life now.

Now, if I give it away and I find that I absolutely have to have it, I can buy it back from the Charity store,or if somebody already found a home for it, I buy a new one. Honestly, that hasn't happened yet.

I suspect the Mayans just picked a number out of the future to start over another calendar. Maybe make some adjustments to the old one, maybe add a new month or something. Maybe they thought 2012 would give them enough time to get done all the things they wanted to do for their civilization.

I'm not to concerned about the Mayan thing. I would rather mark my calendar to see the new Hobbit movie on the 21st.

I'm taking a break from painting the downstairs. It's not a difficult job except that yesterday and today I've noticed that my left thumb is really cranky at the joint. It's not big on holding anything firmly. I paint right handed but doing the edging and holding something in my left hand is getting tiresome. I'm sure the remedy for that is chocolate or duct tape.

I can't say that this day will be much different from any other day, around here. I spent a good two hours in Farm and Fleet, this morning, waiting for them to fix my tire, again. Laundry, painting........well, I guess I could break out a bottle of wine for dinner.

Now, I have to go find some chocolate.



  1. Hi Bea........I have to agree with you....toss it if you dont love it!! I have a good stash of my junk in my sewing and craft studio..but as far as getting ready for the end times..... naaaa.. simply because if the world does end I really wont need the extra goods any way..... Life is too precious to waste so we might as well live it!

    Blessings to you/


  2. Oh absolutely chocolate! LOL