Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's breakfast time and we're on the second pot of coffee and it's time for Thomas the Train. It's amazing how many adults and almost adults are ready to kick back and watch Thomas the Train.
I'm starting at Day Four because we've just been way to busy with activities to even do a daily report.
Last night we had the Annual Cookie Decorating Competition. 
The winner, an outsider, sigh, Mary's new boyfriend, Dylan, WON the contest. Of course, it's hard to beat a Green Bay Packer cookie in a Packer house.
This year contestants entered their best three or what ever they had left that they hadn't eaten. I seem to remember hearing a few, "That one isn't very good, CRUNCH!"

 There was a total of 29 entries. AND, next year the Rules Committee is going to have a meeting.  There seem to be a problem with people checking their phones and looking at pictures of decorated professional cookies from the Internet.

Voting is a very serious thing. The cookies just have a number on the plate. You pick your top three numbers or cookies. Announcing which cookie is yours is discouraged. Also bribing people is discouraged.
Caitlin and her beautiful star came in Third this year.
Mary came in second but there is a question about looking at a picture of Sponge Bob on your IPhone while decorating. lol
We celebrated our Christmas dinner last night. We decided to put the big people at the kitchen table and move the little people to the dining room table. There was talk about moving the dining room table downstairs and putting in more table leaves but frankly, it just seemed like a lot of work. The ham was delicious, the corn casserole disappeared, as usual,
peas, scalloped potatoes and rolls. I had no leftovers, darn. Ok, there is some ham left.
Finally, we had the double, late, birthday celebration
for Justin and Caitlin. Zeus always takes an interest in cake.
That's it folks, another looooooooooong but fun day at the Neal Clan Christmas Get Together.
Our youngest Neal Member Rory.

Riley and Curran playing with a cardboard tube. It had many reincarnations from a telescope to a sword.

It's been busy an hectic but wonderful and fun. I am blessed to have a family that seems to enjoy being with one another. 


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  1. What a wonderful day in the Neal house...filled with traditions and cookies and delicious foods! The wrapping tubes are a big hit in out house Cola and Lyndon have their own laser sabers from Star Wars...I think Dad likes playing with them also. Peace and happiness to you all in 2013. Yes you are very blessed...but they are blessed to have you two building their traditions to pass on to the future families. Merry Merry Merry, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart