Thursday, November 01, 2012


When the costume doesn't fit you can always resort back to your roots as a butterfly. Melissa, Mary's best friend painted Riley's face, dug the wings out of the dress up box and there was one happy little trick or treater.
Grandpa took Riley door to door on a dead-end Circle street, in a very well to do neighborhood. Actually, it's the development that is part of the golf course and it includes homes, condos and apartments. Since Mary's apartment is part of this complex we didn't feel to out of place. 
We hit the houses early while there was still daylight.
Riley was most impressed with the fact that the people answering the door were dressed up in costumes too. And, the treats weren't bad either. I guess if you have it flaunt it. I was amazed at full size candy bars showing up in her basket. 
And, then there was the house where the owner offered a choice of a store bought package of Carmel corn or a store bought packaged candy apple. 
Grandpa said that Riley turned to him and said, "You pick, Grandpa." Which of course wins the hearts of all these YOUNG home owners. Zeus said he didn't think he saw one owner over the age of 35. 
These are pretty fancy houses. The economy is doing well in this neck of the woods.
Grandpa dutifully walked the circle, climbed the steps, held her hand and wished everybody a Happy Halloween. I got to sit in the car, staying warm and taking pictures. Ten houses and then Grandpa said the basket was full and it was time to head home to Mommy.
When we got home, Zeus turned to me and said, "You know that's the first time I really, REALLY felt old."

He might have felt old but god bless him he took Riley around for her first Halloween. Her eyes were huge, she stared at the big kids running past her in scary costumes and when she dumped out her candy she said, "Grandpa you take one, Grammy here is one for you and the rest I am going to share with my Mommy."

I know, you are thinking blah, blah, BUT I want you to stop and think for a moment, THIS was the moment of pure innocence. She doesn't know about candy, really. She didn't think about which candy she didn't really like and then offer it to an adult. She just wanted to share in this really cool unique, slightly weird, event that she had just participated in. I love those moments. 

I know I had them with my kids but I think I might have been just so busy with herding them up that I might not have really soaked it in. It's nice to get another stab at it.


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