Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Today's the day, your chance to have your say in your government. GO VOTE!

I voted early, last Friday. No crowds. No cookies. :(

By tomorrow, all the endless polling calls will have stopped. I'll miss my talks with President Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood and numerous others. They talked on and on and I'm sure they thought I was listening. I, on the other hand was talking to them. Asking them questions, making comments about them much to my enjoyment.
The rest of the phone calls were handled in a much quicker fashion, I would lift the phone up then hang it up. 
I think that we should be able to have a Polling Call BLOCK just like we have one for asking for donations for different things. 
I suppose there are people out there that really want to be part of a poll. Fine, call them. Leave me alone.

It's cool here in the mornings. The frost is definitely on the pumpkin. My lawn tractor seat is white with frost!

 The last couple of years it seems I'm always running slightly behind schedule in getting chores done. Maybe I don't really want the summer to end? I did manage to empty out all my colorful plastic buckets of weeds and muck. Got those hung up on the garden fence. Then I had to come in and have a cup of cinnamon tea. 

Today, I'm off to have my tires checked AGAIN. Apparently, they are very sensitive to cold weather or I ran over something again. 

Don't you love it when you have enough on your TO DO LIST and then life just hands you another list. Oh, sorry, here are some things that really have to be done NOW.

Hopefully, the cashier at F & F will be the one that I know. While I wait for my car we have a lovely chat about genealogy. Her relatives are from Canada. 

Remember GO VOTE.  Do it now before you forget.


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  1. Every vote counts! I voted on the very first day! Peace, Mary Helen