Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There is odd out there, all over the place.

It's not nice, in my book, to whine in a blog. I mean who wants to open their mail, click on your blog and listen to you go on a rant about how sick you are?
So, I won't, but I am and there it is.

My front deck, which needs painting or staining is a beautiful weathered gray.  Lots of paint has peeled off in places giving it a wonderful aged look. A look that isn't appreciated by anybody who would want to buy the place. That though aside since it's not for sale I'm enjoying the early morning sunlight just hit the deck and the morning frost. It's glistening like somebody sprinkled diamonds across the deck. It's just beautiful.

Of course, this enjoyment could be the result of a head full of cough medicine. I would rather think that's it's my natural ability to see the beautiful in the old or the odd. The ability to smile at the weird and strange.

I was walking past this store a couple of years ago while visiting my best friend, Donna. I had to take a picture because it just cracked me up. They all looked so real. They served their purpose, they got me, the viewer to stop in my tracks and study the scene.

One of the lightbulb moments from our bookstudy in the STUDIO was when the writer said, "If you are making something it must stand the test of 10' or more."  She was referring to the fact that if someone is viewing your work that when they walk by it at a distance of 10' they need to see something that catching their eye. Something that is going to draw them in a little closer. Usually, color or contrast is what is going to do that. 

So, there's your tip for the day. Put your current work on your design board and walk back from it, at least 10 feet. Does it capture your attention? Do YOU want to get closer to it to see some detail or examine something? 

Because, the important thing here to remember is YOU are the first viewer. If YOU would walk on by this piece of work and there is nothing that really captures your attention you may have a problem. We may not be creating art to sell but we are creating art in whatever form to express ourselves. If we want people to see the message then we have to create with some "tips of design" in mind. 

Now, I'm going to go have another cup of coffee, pick up any stray tissues, take my vitamins and probably go back to bed. It's been seen days now and I'm still coughing and hacking. Whoa...........I said I wouldn't whine about it. 

Just ignore me..........go on.........nothing to see here.

:)Bea, cough, cough, cough, coughhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. I do forget the 10' rule...you are so right! I do hope the series of ailments ends soon...you are in need of some serious creating. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. What a good point - I've never thought about that before. And I hope you feel better soon - I'm about to join you in hacking and coughing.

  3. That philosophy applies to book covers as well. :d