Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And, a Happy Turkey Day to you too!

There is no particular reason for this photo. I just like it.
Last night I could feel the beginning of a sore throat developing. This morning for the first time in a couple of years I have my Lauren Bacall voice back.
I'm increasing my Vit. C in the hopes that I can stop whatever this is in it's tracks. I do NOT have time to be sick.

I had to take my car in to be serviced yesterday. Lights came on on the dashboard that I had never seen before. And, to the tune of about $300.00 I found out that leaving my car in the garage for a week gave a mouse a chance to tear into my electrical wiring.

I was cleaning the floor in the front room yesterday, when I glanced over at my collection of antique suitcases, stacked under a table. I suddenly had an idea for introducing a new character to the Graybear book series. So, I staged the suitcases, gathered the players, took my photos and then returned to the floor to continue cleaning.

Look for a new book about Graybear and friends this coming January. It won't be in your local bookstore I self publish these.

As I came around the corner of the couch, it's a large sectional that sits in the middle of the room I realized that the trunk that the suitcases were stacked on held things from my past.

I stopped washing the floor and opened the trunk.
I found a number of evening purses that had belonged to my Great Aunt Elvie. This one is covered in beading and beaded fringe. I would have loved to have seen the dresses that she wore with this purse.
It must have been about 1923-24 that she was the personal nurse for a wealthy woman, in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Every winter the woman would have my Great aunt drive her, in her large Cadillac down to Florida.  Then she took my Great aunt everywhere with her. Evening were spent at all the new, bright hot spots in Miami. My Great aunt, a flapper for sure thoroughly enjoyed herself and her job.
When they would return home to Shamokin in late spring, the trunk of the car held bottle after bottle of liquor.
Apparently, my Great aunt was also a rum runner.
Lots to do today, getting ready for Justin and family coming down from Minneapolis to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us. They are easy guests so just making sure I have enough food on hand and the beds are made up will do just fine.
I may have to get to washing the floor on the other side of the front room after they leave. Whatever it is that I am fighting off is leaving me a little tired.
In case I don't get back to the computer for a few days, I hope you all have a safe and pleasant holiday. And, perhaps a thought or two to our ancestors that came before us and paved the way for us. They all had their stories, their ups and downs. But, because of them we are here today.

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  1. Happy holiday to you, Graybear and friends!