Monday, November 05, 2012

Thank you ladies on the other side.

 Zeus fixed my old jewelry box for Riley. Not that a three year old needs a jewelry box but she does love playing in my current one. She sorts out the bangle bracelets and rearranges them back in the box, for me.
After fixing the old box, Zeus turns to me and asks me where is the best place to buy some inexpensive jewelry.
"Well," I reply, "the best place would be garage sales but I think they are pretty much done for the season."

I didn't give it much thought and a day or two passed and I thought to myself, as I was doing errands, "Self, I bet the charity store might have something." 
They did but it came in a huge bag for $25.00. There wasn't any way I was spending that on a three year old. I asked the young lady if it was possible to split the bag in half and she looked like I had asked her to sell her first born. 
I said I was willing to pay more for my half of the bag but I just didn't need $25.00 worth.
Since the store was quiet and she was having her moment of management power she said, fine.
She helped me divide it up. I had no need for the pierced earrings or numerous watches. We settled on a bag with lots of those colorful rubber bracelets and big beaded necklaces.

Later that evening, Grandpa gave Riley the old jewelry box and the bag of jewelry. I love how he assumed that since I do most of the shopping I would solve the problem of where to find junk jewelry in the middle of fall.

As he was sorting it for her and reading what was stamped on the different colored rubber bracelets, his eyes got wide and he looked at me and said, "YOU aren't going to believe this."

I of course looked at the pink and white bracelet and though, Great, something obscene engraved on that one.

He held it up for me to see.

Now, come on..........what are the odds?



  1. That bag was waiting for YOU! Great story.

  2. What fun. I remember when I was a kid, whenever I was home and sick in bed, my mom would get out her jewelry box and let me straighten it out for her. Loved those pop-it beads and all of her wonderful things. None left now but I wish I had it all including the box!

  3. Wow! That is amazing!