Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Superbea strikes again.

Situations in life give you a chance to get a good look at yourself. How we react to everyday problems is probably the best indicator as to what we attract into our sphere. 
Being sick has given me the patience of Job (and I still to this day don't really understand who Job was and why he was so patient). I can and did stand at a check out counter for what seemed like hours waiting for the clerk to get off the phone. I stood there and watched the manager continue to glance over at me and soon another customer and then continue putting together some shelving.
The woman behind me was impatient and becoming sulky. She started in on me, wondering why it didn't bother me that we were being ignored.
I could have told her that I wasn't really that patient but all the medications I had inside of me seemed to have slowed time down. 
Instead, I told her that I had super powers and that I was really invisible.
She, honestly, took a step backwards.
I do find when I am sick that I don't have the energy to fight battles that I can't win. Unless I grabbed the phone out of her hands or went over to the manager and pulled him to the register by his sleeve, nothing was really going to happen until it happened.

Now, that doesn't mean that while I stand there in a catatonic state my little brain isn't working. While resting against the counter at the Dealership, listening to THE MAN tell me that they didn't have a rental car for me, I waited for him to pause and then actually said, AWKWARD, outloud.  I know I've said that in my head before but never outloud.

He just looked at me.

"Let's see", I said. "I bought two cars from your dealership, with those purchases I was told I would always have a rental car while you worked on my car."
I smiled brightly.

"Well, that's true, but we only have so many rental cars and they go to people that have appointments."

"Ah, I replied, I see, and because I drove in here because my car hasn't been starting every morning since you guys did the electric work and the battery is drained and you guys just put in a new battery, I probably should have made an appointment?"

He smiled.

He did offer me the shuttle service but it's one way and that wasn't going to help me.

We stared at each other.

And, this is where being sick and medicated helps because the stare time doesn't seem long in this state. I can just stare glassy eyed at the next person for a looooooooooooooooong time.

"I'll have them look at the car right away. That way if it's something major you can take the shuttle but if we can fix it quickly you'll be out of here in, say, maybe an hour?"

I smiled brightly.

He took my arm and escorted me to the lounge area where they have a great coffee machine that makes every kind of coffee you can think of, popcorn, cereal, fresh fruit, juices, water and get this, hot home made cookies.

I sighed deeply, if I have to.

I settled into my chair in front of the big screen tv that was already turned to HGTV, drank my coffee, ate my apple and cheerios, had a banana, balled up my jacket to make a pillow for my head and hacked and coughed for two hours.

I sat alone. 

The one woman that had been sitting in the same area moved away, not that I blame her. I sound terrible and remember I'm invisible so I probably scared the crap out of her.


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