Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shower, sun, breeze, sun another shower.

Beautiful sunset last night. Zeus and I started in working on our new Hometown puzzle. The artwork is done by Heronim and although it's 1000 pieces I like the shape and feel of them. Not to mention that I love the colors too.

An early morning rain, nice breezes and then the sun pops out again. Looks like a good day to head to the beach. Zeus is off for his early morning tennis clinic.
Clinic sounds so official, it's really just who shows up and they play together. 

When we arrived in Atlanta from our flight from Milwaukee it was late and we decided to have dinner in the hotel. The hotel was hosting a reunion for the 156th Airlift/Flight division.


This particular group was from 1965-1971 and had all been stationed in the same area in Vietnam.

 While we were eating, at the bar, watching the BC game and Notre Dame one of the wives sat down with us and we starting chatting. She was telling us how they had come to almost all of the reunions and how difficult yet helpful they were. 
All the gentlemen milling around after their dinner were all our age. 

A special prayer goes to all that have served in combat. May you heal inside and out. 

I'm sitting here having my morning coffee, the breezes are bringing the scents of the tropical flowers and the storm is moving off to another Island. That Island you see in the distance is one end of Tortola.

Years and years ago I used to use the IChing for guidance. When I had a question about which direction I should take on the path I would consult the IChing. It served me well. Better than fortune cookies.

As I approach 65 my thoughts turn to what besides my family is my focus in the next 20 Summers.

 I know that in my art I am finding that I need to express myself more in terms of perhaps a theme???
To try working in a series and see where it goes? To return to some past projects that made me laugh or where they too much in my comfort zone? 

So, while looking around at what the owners had provided for entertainment here, in the house, I found a stash of books and on top A Guide for the Advanced Soul, A book of insight.
I can't claim to be advanced but it did catch my attention. And, I thought a strange book to be sitting in the basket with Luanne Rice, Dean Koontz and Debbie Macomber.

Now, I know you only have my word on this but following the IChing tradition I asked my question about my art direction, out loud. I then flipped the pages of the book, with my eyes closed and picked a page.

"There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs then outer conditions will change accordingly."
Brian Adams, How to Succeed

and the other page "The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the NOW."  Gita Bellin

I did this exercise twice. The book is not bent open to any one page. I thought I made an effort not to pick the center of the book to open. The second time it opened to the exact same pages.

So, I guess there is my answer. Create in the NOW. Allow myself to be open to my center/source and see what we will create. Knowing that I cannot change external distractions concentrate my attentions on "listening" to my own inner dialogue. 

Good thing to remember.


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  1. What a beautiful place to be in Bea. I echo your hopes for healing inside and out. We are so focussed on the recent conflicts that I tend to not give thought to the men and women who endured the fighting in Vietnam. It was the background to my teens and I remember the horrors of it on the TV and in the papers.

    Your words about your creative path are very wise and resonate with me. I am always rushing, rushing from one project to another , so anxious to fill my life to overflowing for fear of missing something. I have turned 60 this year and feel the passing of time but I will look for my IChing moment and look forward to my next 20 years of creativity.