Thursday, November 15, 2012

POStCARDs from you know where.

To help me feel better, this morning, Zeus proposed that we have breakfast at the local Donkey Diner.
The reason he felt he needed to help me feel better is that I woke up to the sunrise, tumbled out of bed, looked around for my camera, couldn't find it and then was sure in my post sleep stage that I had left it outside on the deck. 
So, without my glasses on, I plowed right through the screen door ripping the screen right out.
There was Zeus on the deck, taking pictures of the sunrise and shaking his head at my rather boisterous entrance.

Breakfast was wonderful, homemade cinnamon bread French toast and great coffee. Of course, that didn't fix the screen but it did make ME feel better.

Then a lazy morning of reading and checking the computer, off for a drive in a different direction, lunch then off to the beach.

I have successfully burnt my nose despite 50+ sunscreen. 
This is the view from my beach chair at Maho beach.

Can you see the two very large fish in the upper center? I have no idea what they were but they were just swimming around in the shallow area, over by the rocks. They were at least three or four feet long.

A woman joined me in picture taking and told me that the little shark I had seen yesterday was called a Lemon Shark. She then rattled off different names of fish that she had seen in the Bay. I really need to get some sort of fish card that has pictures and names for the next time.

And, like clockwork, Ms. Crab showed up for her chocolate fix. And, despite my words of wisdom to Zeus about the dangers of feeding the wildlife he had chocolate crumbs for her. After she took her piece down the hole we never saw her again. Probably in a chocolate coma by now.

Now, there is a happy camper. This little break in "heaven" has been just perfect for both of us.

:)Bea, who stayed in the water until she wrinkled. 

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  1. Lemon sharks...yikes do they bite??? Beside the screen episode... you two are having a wonderful restful vacation. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Dtewart