Tuesday, November 13, 2012

POStCARDS FROM VI - Isn't he adorable?

We were enjoying the beach this afternoon, not that many people there. Zeus decided to open the ice chest and share a Hershey bar with me.  Guess who popped out of his hole, in the sand, right next to us?

I guess this little sand crab likes chocolate because he grabbed the little piece that Zeus tossed him, you can see it in his claws and scooted back down into his hole.

Please do not contact me about the harm chocolate does to sand crabs. The chances of my running across him again are slim and slimmer still is having another candy bar to share. sigh

He really is the definition of "beady little eyes" isn't he? Or, maybe that's a she?

:)Bea, who if she could have actually gotten OUT of her beach chair might have caught that chocolate crumb in midair.

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