Wednesday, November 14, 2012

POStCARDs from St. John

See that white stretch of beach? That's Maho Bay our very favorite place to spend our beach time. There is a resident Stingray that spends his time going up and down in the shallow water, not disturbing anyone. Resident Pelicans that dive right in front of you for fish. I am in awe of these birds. They look like something from the prehistoric era.
St. John is the smallest of the three American Virgin Islands. The total area of St. John is just over 12,000 acres and 5,000 of these acres and beaches are part of the National Park System. 

We part in a sandy little parking lot, cross the two lane street, remembering to look twice because people drive on the left down here. And, there we are on a little stretch of beach with calm, turquoise waters.

And, the best part, THE BESTEST is that Traditionally built women and I suppose men, FLOAT in salt water.
I can stay out in that 87 degree water for hours, just bobbing around. Those people of a thinner constitution and muscle mass must keep their feet on the sandy bottom or risk tiring themselves out.
I KNEW there was a silver lining somewhere.

While floating and bobbing out in the water, Zeus and I have a chance to just talk, be silly, giggle and well every once in a while sneak a kiss. shhhhhhhh

BUT, the downside is that people (and I won't name any names here) that do NOT have a blog often have WONDERFUL ideas for those of us that do have blogs.
They champion their cause in the strangest of places.
I hear, "Oh, but that's a great subject for your blog. You really should blog something about this or that."
And, true, sometimes they are interesting topics but they aren't MY topics, you see so it's hard to put my heart into writing about them.

Which is why (and I will only say this once) I will NOT be writing about "Santa Fish". Yes, it might be a great idea (not) for a children's book and yes, it could be a great story (again, not) but I'm having trouble seeing where it is going. 
Or, for that matter that Ms Crab that enjoys chocolate. She got her moment of fame on the blog but that's it. I really hate to sound..........well...........honestly, one sand crab looks a lot like another one, you know?

It's not that I don't appreciate the blog suggestions. sigh.....but maybe, just maybe YOU (and you know who you are) should start your OWN BLOG??????

You think?

:)Bea, who truly believe that the sun can make people a little soft in the head, sometimes.


  1. I think I could float all day there....sneak a few more makes the grown children squirm. Peace be with you. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. My watercolor instructor visits St. John often. She has her artists sketchbooks that are amazingly beautiful pieces of art by themselves. She has painted many beautiful scenes from there. Have a wonderful time Bea!