Thursday, November 01, 2012


It was time to make the traditional GINGER CRINKLES for Halloween. I had a helper this year.
The recipe card is over 40 years old. Well loved I would say. It hearkens back to the days when I worked at the University in a low paying, boring job with a lot of time on my hands. I kept a recipe book in my desk drawer and typed up recipe cards to make it look like I was busy.  If someone high up came in the room I could close the drawer quickly and remove the card from my typewriter. Ah, the good old days.

I had my helper for two trays of cookies until Grandpa came back from playing tennis and then off they both went down to the workshop.  Frankly, if Riley has a choice she would rather hammer, drill and paint something in the shop then work in the kitchen.

Reminds me of a boot maker artist that said one of the reason she loved designed hand made cowboy boots was that she got to hammer and sew on leather.

I made those cookies every year for Halloween.  We served hot apple cider (I'm sure I've told you this story before) and the parents loved it. The kids were disappointed when we didn't hand out candy but I thought homemade cookies and hot cider enough of a treat. Now days I doubt if you could do that. Someone would think badly of cookies, for any number of fearsome reasons.


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  1. Very kewl beans. That was definitely one way to stay occupied back then, and having a helper was one way to make sure that you didn't finish baking the cookies too quickly. :D