Friday, November 30, 2012

I see a vessel. no a bowl, no wait a container!

You know if you are pumped full of cold medications and tired as heck from lack of sleep I highly recommend spending some time with some good friends making vessels.
It's so relaxing. It's so peaceful. It's right out of second grade, for sure.
Here are the six of us having lunch and discussing the pros and cons of what we learned in making our vessels. I've mentioned this before but this group brings their own brown bag lunches and they are to die for. Mary, over there on the front left of the picture made it one of her New Year resolutions last year to learn an assortment of "finger food" recipes. 
She uses us as her Guinea pigs. So far we are getting plumper as a result. I hope she doesn't have plans to sell us off at Christmas.
We all brought assorted empty containers from cottage cheese to flower pots. I picked up some plastic bowls from the party shop and some one else found not so pretty containers at the charity store. Not pretty but great shapes. 
We applied Vaseline to the outside then draped strips of fabric or paper in premixed wall paper mix.
That's it for the first layer.
Then you have to wait and wait and wait about three days for them to dry so you can remove them from the original container shape.

Next the really fun part. We add more papers or fabric, embellishments, ribbons, beads and whatever else strikes our fancy.

They are art bowls. They aren't going to hold liquids but if necessary they certainly could hold some Hershey Kisses.

I'll post pictures of the finished vessels next week.


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  1. What a great and inexpensive idea! I have so much cloth that I had cut for a class that never happened and I just hate to get rid of it. Now I can play! Thanks for the great idea.