Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thoughts from St. John

I am in the process of making lists. That's what I do when I need to collect my thoughts. One of the assignments the Studio Artists have in their book study is to make a list of things that they collect.

I remember someone once telling me that if you have three of something you have a start of a collection.
The purpose of the exercise for the book study group was to focus our individual attention on possible themes for our art.

Seems like a good idea.
The book suggests using a mind map for one idea and exploring it in depth. It's the where that you go on with the mind map that might make for an interesting theme.

Just looking at my photo folders gives me enough topics for themes for the next 20 summers!!

Trees, barns, streams/brooks,clouds, sunsets, fences, gates, flowers and grandchildren. 
Not to mention statuary, textures, shadows and building. 

Other than the grandchildren I seldom take random pictures of people.

 Breaking down my list even more I take pictures of big trees, old trees, trees with some sort of character or texture.  Old barns, falling down barns again barns with what I consider character. Old building, my journey series, steeples, landscapes, horses, the odd thing or two and of course grave markers.

It's gotten to the point that when Zeus and I are out driving around, he'll often stop the car, back up and tell me that he spotted something that he knows I would want a picture of. He's always right.

So, you are still with me, huh? 

I'm thinking about how I can incorporate different mixed media art techniques, that I have been learning into art work. 
Next on another list I have what kinds of art work I would like to pursue. One item is random art left in public places. I'm sure it has some sort of name by now and of course, that word or words escapes me.

I love making postcards. There is seldom a reason to send a postcard these days. With Facebook and Twitter not to mention texting one doesn't have to send the written word to anybody. That all falls under another list of things that I regret seeing happen.

So, on another list I have Make postcards with a positive message on them and leave them in places that I visit. Say, the coffee shop, the grocery story, the ladies room, any where that I am out and about.
Just leave a postcard sitting there and I suspect that the person that it speaks to will be the one to take it home with them. Perhaps this might fall under Random Acts of Kindness?

I picked up another little book the owners had stashed here, at the house. Everyday Positive Thinking by Louise Hay. Every page has a quote from different inspirational speakers or writers. This morning in answer to my question to the Universe about what kind of public art I should do...........I had a quick flash to some of my favorite postcards and then opened the book to this quote. 

"Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose and free-floating- these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything you do."  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Another one of my favorite people.

So, on my TO DO LIST is making artful postcards with a positive message and distributing them into the public arena, at random and with no thought as to what their journey will be. I will know that the right person will pick it up, smile and perhaps feel the need to take it with them.

:)Bea, who is very relaxed, at peace with herself, felling confident and emotionally neutral now.


  1. I love your list to do....but just stop for now and know you are in paradise! Happy Wednesday! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hi Bea!

    I'm already leaving art around...and in my small town, I have gotten a wonderful response. I opened up an emailbox using a pseudonym just for this and I print stickers with a short message and the email address for the back of my art in case anyone wants to reply. It's fun to see what happens to the art. Sometimes the finder keeps it and sometimes the finder emails me and then passes it along...randomly... and the next finder emails me. I think you'll have fun with this.

    I was blown over last month at my watercolor of the other students had found my art and brought it for show and tell! (I didn't even have to fake the 'I'm surprised' act since I really was surprised.) And get this...she lives in the next town down the road...where I had just been for an eye appointment...I had left the art where I had lunch.

    By the way, Cloth Paper Scissors had an article on it in their July/Aug 2010 issue (#31) and the author refers to this as guerrila art... and Michael Demeng started a Facebook group called Art Abandonment (he refers to our little art leavings as 'Random Acts of Art'.) Here's the link to that site:!/groups/ArtAbandonment/

    Enjoy your special get away! Hugs, Dotti