Thursday, November 01, 2012


Honest, I'm not really going to post just once a month. Oct. just seemed to get away from me. The beautiful flowers are from James and Caitlin and family for my birthday and the gorgeous pumpkin is from my garden. We had three pumpkins this year and with the drought I was happy to see those three.
One is decoration for the Studio, one for my table and one is on Riley's new porch.

For some reason this past year I've didn't do odd numbers so I was always thinking of myself as 64. So, it was no surprise when I actually turned 64. 
Report from the doctor visit was all good. Losing weight, like I'm supposed to, blood pressure down, diabetes numbers down, way down, bad cholesterol down and a big thumbs up from the doctor.

Riley and Mary seem very happy in their new place and that makes me happy. Lots less stress for everybody. Riley comes over to have a sleep over almost every Friday night.  Saturday she joins us for our coffee outing, that's not new and then she spends the rest of the morning following Grandpa around.
She helped Grandpa hand our new peacock over the STUDIO barn door. From what I understand, she and Grandpa were reading Stregna Nona and at the end of the book, Big Anthony put a peacock on the roof which apparently was a tradition in Italy?  I'm not Italian so I can say for sure what that's about.
The next day, while Big Grandpa and Little Helper were wandering around the DIY store (they were there to buy a Halloween costume for Riley) they discovered a blinking light peacock in the Christmas display. And, to make a story short, it came home with them.
Both of them agreed that it would make a GREAT YEAR ROUND addition to the Studio and good luck too.
I have to agree I do like to see it all lit up, at night.
Coming home from Trick or Treating last night, we pulled into the back of the house and Grandpa said, "Hey, Riley, look the peacock is all lit up!" and in her most adult 3 year old voice she replied, "Of course, it's sundown."
Who knew she would remember the discussion about the timer attached to the peacock that turns it off and on at sundown and sunrise.


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