Friday, November 16, 2012

Donkey Diner Redux

We headed down the mountain for dinner at Skinny Legs. It was moderately crowded for the hour but I noticed nobody seemed to be eating just drinking.
We soon found out why, our waitperson told us that there would be a delay because of a "problem" in the kitchen.
We returned to the car and went about a half a block back to the Donkey Diner. They serve great Pizza there.

While waiting for our pizza we pondered on the kitchen "problem" over at SLs. It's an odd way to tell patrons that their food will be delayed. It seemed, according to the waitperson that it would be "fixed" in about a half hour. 
Hmmm, does it take that long to sober up the cook?
Oh well, we had a great pizza and brought home some leftovers which Zeus managed to work into his breakfast omelet. 

I do like a man that can cook creatively.

As beautiful as this house is they don't have any shade on the decks. Sitting outside in the hot sun having breakfast just isn't pleasant. I hate to complain when I am sitting in paradise but owners, listen up!

Here is a picture, from the web, of a Lemon Shark.
We must have seen a baby one or perhaps the females are smaller. The one that was going up and down the shallow water at the Bay was no more than t
three feet long, if that. And, I might add, minding it's own business. 

I never get tired of looking at cloud formations anywhere I am but down here it seems like they are constantly rearranging themselves. Because I can see so far to the horizon I get this wonderful cloud display going on all day. I can even see when it is raining out at sea. I know I sound like a little kid but I really do watch clouds in awe. I don't know where this fascination comes from.

Does anybody know which Tibetan Goddess this might be? Her halo has an outer ring of fire and and inner one that looks to be leaves.  She is holding a fan or paddle or maybe a leaf in her right hand.
I don't think it is Tara, I don't remember seeing her with that kind of halo around her head. Anyway, if you have an idea, zip me an email. TIA

Tomorrow, we head home. I'm ready. I'm feeling relaxed, centered and full of ideas. 


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  1. Bea I am just happy to be able to come along for the ride.... thank you for beautifully sharing! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart